ULTIMATE Georgian Food Tour in Batumi, Georgia | Batumi Food Tour

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ULTIMATE Georgian Food Tour in Batumi, Georgia. Today we went on an ultimate Georgian food tour in the beautiful city of Batumi, Georgia, trying some traditional Adjarian dishes.

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Georgian food varies as you go from region to region, and the dishes you find in western Georgia have a more Middle Eastern influence. We continue our ultimate Georgian food tour in Batumi, Georgia, trying out a few regional dishes.

Our first stop of the day was to try the spicy iakhni, which is almost similar to a curry, but packed with creamy walnut goodness, really making our Batumi food tour special.

The next restaurant we went to on our ultimate Georgian food tour in Batumi we tried cheesy achma and malakhto, a super flavourful dish made with young green beans and more walnuts!

In this Batumi food tour, we also try chacha for the first time, which is a popular alcoholic drink in Georgia that’s somewhere between grappa and moonshine. We couldn’t finish our ultimate Georgian food tour in Batumi without trying it! There are some very entertaining faces in this video trying chahca, so make sure you watch till the end!

We hope you enjoy this ultimate Georgian food tour in Batumi, Georgia, there will be more Batumi food tours to come!

Places we visited:

Name: Ardagani Café Restaurant
Address: JJR9+JJQ, Batumi, Georgia
what3words location: ///provoking.bunch.seeing

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Name: Maspindzeli
Address: 35 Akhmed Melashvili St, Batumi, Georgia
what3words location: ///unlimited.live.united

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  1. Not exactly Georgian, but there's a very nice Uzbek restaurant called Lagman Plov that's worth a try. They have nice dumplings too.

  2. Great video guys!!! The curry and those huge dumplings looked incredible. Thanks for sharing 😊
    Have a great day ✌️

  3. Those Khinkali's look AMAZING! WE love all things dumplings, and those look absolutely unreal. Anyways, as fellow travel and food lovers, your channel seems right up our alley (and we love how you two present as well). 409 to the channel, and look forward to seeing more delicious eats and adventures! Keep it up! 🙂

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