Bạn đang xem video: THE ULTIMATE VIETNAMESE STREET FOOD TOUR in HANOI, VIETNAM! được tổng hơp từ trang ẩm thực

Join us for the ULTIMATE street food tour in Hanoi, Vietnam!

Welcome to our second video in our Vietnam series! We made our way to Hanoi in northern Vietnam! We enjoyed our first evening eating our way through the city on a street food tour! In this video, we are taking a Vietnamese street food tour with Ha Food Tours. We tried so many delicious dishes and as an added bonus our tour guide was full of history. We were very appreciative and really enjoyed learning about the Vietnamese culture and its food! We hope you love the selection of different street food and Vietnamese cuisine to try in Hanoi, Vietnam!

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— Sammy and Tommy
**Filmed February 2020**
Episode 095 | Hanoi, Vietnam
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00:00 Intro
02:50 Sugarcane Juice
03:30 Bun Bo Nam Bo
06:15 Bun Bo Hue
08:20 Banh Cuon
09:30 the egg yolk experience
11:30 Decoration Street
12:20 History
15:46 Dry Pho
17:16 Sweet Bun
18:00 the coffee experience
20:30 Beer
20:45 Banh Mi
21:17 Egg Coffee

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  1. Bún Bò Nam Bộ không xuất xứ từ Nam Bộ, nó có từ đường Lê Duẩn trước kia gọi là đường Nam Bộ

  2. Tip for crossing traffic in Vietnam:
    Many tourist foreigners scared of traffic in VN . The rule to win this fear is keep routin slowly walking when you across of streams of motobike! bykers knows how to avoide you themself in chaos-order! remmember do not runs and stop suddently , accident immidiatly ! Don’t be affraid and do if you want to be safety every across the crazy- traffic in Vietnam.

  3. Has anyone else noticed that the dad is a realmprick who is insecure about you having a better life than him because it's outside of his comfort zone, so he hides it in humor? The old man is a serious asshole.

  4. Do you have a contact for tour guide? Im planing to visit Vietnam and want him to be my tour guide! :3 he is very knowledgable.

  5. Hi Sammy and Tommy,
    This looks awesome. We are going to Hanoi in September. Where did you book this private tour at? And how much was it?

    Thanks for some great content 🙂

  6. Vietnam is a freedom country, you can eat, walk, sleep whatever/whenever you like. NO RULES, people are free to do whatever they feel like. Look at Vietnam's traffic, people drive/walk however they feel like. Beautiful and fun country to visit or live in.

  7. Không hiểu nổi bạn dẫn tour ẩm thực Hà Nội đưa người ta đi ăn bún bò Nam Bộ xong kêu đây là bún kiểu miền nam! Chết cười. Gọi là bún bò Nam Bộ vì cửa hàng này ở phố Lê Duẩn và ngày trước phố này tên là Nam Bộ ông ơi :))

  8. Love your video. What makes your videos standout is the interaction with the locals and the nuggets of information you get from them. Not just a sight seeing video. Great work.


  10. Excellent video and very informative, and thank you for sharing the video… Sammy… bright, intelligent and attractive, and very articulate… Once again…, excellent video, and thank you for sharing the video… I miss Vietnam… " Semper Fi " Mike in Montana 🙂

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