The Ultimate Las Vegas Art and Food Tour – Arts District Lip Smacking Foodie Tour

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Art lovers will be privy to a unique perspective on the vibrant 18b Arts District in Las Vegas in this Lip Smacking Foodie Tour, which traverses one of the city’s most distinctive and colorful neighborhoods. It’s where “First Friday’’ began 17 years ago, Vegas’ premier arts and cultural festival that attracts upwards of 15,000 people the first Friday of each month to stroll and admire one-of-a-kind art.

As with every award-winning Lip Smacking Foodie Tour, this one takes the hassle out of researching restaurants on your own, calling for reservations, and waiting to be seated. Instead, you are whisked right past the host stand to a premier table immediately, where you’ll enjoy VIP service from the get-go. It’s a leisurely stroll between stops, with the welcome opportunity to stretch your legs and get fresh air, too.

Full of spunk and creativity, the Arts District is a lively mix of independent businesses including vintage clothing boutiques, antique stores, theaters, art galleries, and of course, bars and restaurants with a personality to spare. Guests will get a taste of all of that, as well as meet some of the district’s best chefs whose plates are akin to canvases for striking edible creations. That’s no more evident than at Esther’s Kitchen, where the seasonal Italian cuisine is actually served on handmade plateware fashioned at a pottery studio just steps away. Vegas native, Chef James Trees, who has worked under such culinary luminaries as Gordon Ramsay and Eric Ripert, takes pride in making all his pasta, pizzas, and breads from scratch. His talents even earned him a James Beard finalist nod in 2020 for “Best Chef: Southwest.”

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Then, it’s on to view more arresting art, including “Paintbrush Gateway,’’ Dennis Oppenheim’s two 45-foot tall steel paintbrushes that emit beams of rainbow-colored LED light 2,000 feet skyward; and the thought-provoking “Chain Migration’’ by artist Izaac Zevalking, aka Recycled Propaganda, which depicts the Statue of Liberty in handcuffs. You’ll hear the stories behind these iconic works.

The excursion ends with a sweet taste of history at Cornish Pasty Co., where Cornwall native Dean Thomas continues the tradition of proper English desserts, including irresistible banoffee pie done up with caramel, fresh bananas, and fluff of whipped cream; and sticky toffee pudding with a warm, toffee-drenched sponge cake with dates served à la mode.

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