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Join us for a tour of traditional Turkish street food in Istanbul! Karaköy is a harborside neighborhood on the European side of Istanbul with some of the yummiest Turkish cuisine and fresh seafood in the city.

Here is a list of what we ate and where:

1. Gozleme (Turkish flatbread) and kumpir (super-loaded baked potato) at a stall across the Karaköy ferry terminal
2. Balit Durum (fish wrap) at a street stall (also across the Karaköy ferry terminal)
3. Akın Balık Karaköy — a laidback waterfront restaurant serving fresh seafood and meze
4. Karaköy Güllüoğlu — a historic dessert shop specializing in baklava and more


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  1. Rakı can kick like a mule , i hope that huge shot didnt make you regret end of the day. We like to drink rakı solwly with lots of food and a lot more chatting. It is a socialising drink with lots of rules and traditions around it just to be sure you are taking slow and consistent amount alcohol so you can keep drinking and not getting too drunk.

  2. Rakı bütün alkollerin kralidir yavas icilir meze ister zahmet ister ve en olmazsa olmazi muhabettir

  3. 6:49 Turkish name is Ayva English name Quin fruit.. That’s so much healthy Turkish land fruit only winter time you can eat also Turks so much loved that fruit dessert you can’t found everywhere:( just local special area… if you try that dessert all your life newer forget unbelievable testy dessert..

  4. Italians give 100s names to their pasta's and we Turks give many diffirent names to our sweets. Names differ mostly because of the shape btw.

  5. Karakoy Gulloglu Baklava is the best in Turkey and the most delicious in the world made from Goat better if you didn't guess why its so Unique !! 🙂

  6. That yellow fruit you got is ayva (quince in English). You can eat it like an apple. Some might be a bit dry though (not preferable). They use them to make desserts or jam.

  7. Great vlog! Made me reminisce about Turkey. Cool that the guy let you make your own Kumpir! Also miss the Turkish Tea and Baklava… Hope you don't skip Cappadocia. Truly singular spot! Thanks, Dottie. 🙂

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