Chinatown NYC Dining RETURNS (FOOD TOUR)

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Chinatown dining RETURNS! We are so excited to highlight a few of our favorite restaurants that have reopened with street dining in NYC. The historic Mott Street and several others now have temporary outdoor tables for the summer so be sure to stop by and support the local business we love! Special thanks to @American Express and @Hennessy US who provided many of these at no cost for the shops in Chinatown.

We’ll also be teaching a few ways on how to eat soup dumplings, are you guys doing it the safe way, or Asian dad style?

In this tour we will be checking out:

Ping’s Seafood
22 Mott St
-Dim Sum Specialities
-Siu Mai
-Har Gow
-Black Bean Spare Rib
-Cheung Fun
-Spring Roll
-Chao Zhou Fun Guo
-1/2 Crispy Garlic Chicken (Soy Sauce Braise)

Noodle Village
13 Mott St
-Xiao Long Bao
-Wonton noodle Soup

Sweet House Drink & Dessert
67 Bayard
-Mango with Coconut Milk
-Lychee Jell with fresh fruit (Cantaloupe, Watermelon and Honeydew)

There are so many more AMAZING places we didn’t include in this – let us know which ones we should include in future content!

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  1. Great video! I miss traveling to NYC to eat around the city, especially in Chinatown. We've been craving dim sum so bad lately, but will have to wait for the proper service. Adding your spots to my NYC list!

  2. Do you mind take your mask off when you are filming? It is hard to hear what you are saying and unappealing

  3. def glad to have the small businesses back in action! eyein that dessert place, love all that fresh fruit

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