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In this video series, you will witness the gastronomic potential of Antalya. We will try world cuisines as well as Turkish food. as we all know is fantastic! Food in Antalya is no different and it has a rather competitive scene as restaurants are top-notch!

Watch the video to learn all about what the Antalya street food scene has to offer! We have started this series as most of our clients who are looking to buy property in Antalya are always curious about life in Turkey. And let us tell your food in Turkey is a big part of life here in Turkey.

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We will post one video per week uncovering all things that the international community is curious to know about property Turkey and life in Turkey. Our aim is to build a community of people who are interested in Turkey as well as give people who would like to buy property in Turkey a head start on their journey.

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  1. all lovely but what i dont like about turkey is you charge tourist prices instead of normal or local price. If you have the price up then no problem with me but when no price is shown and locals get charged 30tl for a soup but tourist charged 80tl its not inviting! BTW love the video. going this friday for 3 weeks!!! but what would of been nice is restaurant names and location

  2. Oh Turks oh Turks you are nation ? Just like Persian people like Iran ? Long live turkey long live ? You have guts guts ?

  3. Fantastic Video!! Loved it!! 😀 will have to visit Antalya soon!! Watch until the end, the Baklava is incredible!

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