Amsterdam Food – Amsterdam Food Tour in De Pijp

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Want to explore the Amsterdam food scene? Looking for the ? An Amsterdam food tour is one of the best ways to discover the city. One of the best Amsterdam Food Tours is offered by Eating Amsterdam / Eating Europe. The Twilight De Pijp food tour is a walking tour which offers a glimpse at the multi-cultural food on offer in Amsterdam, including Indonesian Cuisine (rijsttafel), the best Fries in Amsterdam, beer from a local brewery, French Choux pastries at a French patisserie and Turkish delicacies, amongst others.

Amsterdam is one of the most multi-cultural cities in the world. This means that there are many cultures and cuisines on offer in Amsterdam. De Pijp, an Amsterdam neighbourhood, is the original multi-cultural spot. This neighbourhood buzzes with activity at all times of the day and night. It’s slightly outside of the Amsterdam city center and is steeped in culture. On the Amsterdam Pijp Food Tour we spent an evening exploring the streets and getting to know the neighborhood (and its local people) through food.

This time I was joined by the one and only, premier Amsterdam Food Blogger, Vicky Hampton from Amsterdam Foodie: http://

Places visited:
My Little Patisserie: Eerste Van der Helststraat 63
Sari Citra Ferdinand Bolstraat 52
Olive & Cookie Saenredamstraat 67
De Turk Van Woustraat 45
Cafe Par Hasard Ceintuurbaan 113
Brouwerij Troost Cornelis Troostplein 21

This video was sponsored by the wonderful Eating Amsterdam Tours. Visit their website at:

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  1. For me personally par hasard isnt the best in amsterdam only…Its the best in the whole country for me. Another good one for fresh made fries in amsterdam is called the patatza(a)k in the part of the city called sloten.(new west)
    And there is a really good one, when visiting the beach in the centre of zandvoort( the beach area) called Fritures d'Anvers .
    For indonesian food in amsterdam i would recommend trying three places : ''indonesian kitchen'' ''restaurant blaauw'' and last but not least ''tempo doeloe''.

  2. Hi, like your video a lot. I'm just wonder how you can make the selfie video with Canon 70D, when the DSLR camera is usually heavy… Moreover, since it doesn't have the front lens like a mobile phone, how can you see what are in your screen? Thanks in advance!

  3. The Pijp has so many good places to eat, it wouldn't be possible to fit them into several videos.

  4. French fries are my favorite food ever!! Can't wait to try these. Also I'm happy I found yet another great travel channel to subscribe to. Feel free to check out my travel vlogs!

  5. Geweldig!😄I'm dying to try Amsterdam's french fries with peanut sauce!!😍🍴🍟

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