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Xin Chao!

We did this tour with the excellent ‘A Taste of Hanoi’ team, and it was a highlight of our trip. See their website for more details

In the morning, Huyen and Lan took us around the markets and introduced us to the unique food of Hanoi. Both were super enthusiastic and knowledgeable about Hanoi and it’s cuisine. Needless to say, after sampling around 17 different foods and drinks, by the end of the tour we were happily full, and much more clued up

Not all dishes are in the video, but here’s a complete list of what we tried and where to find it

Happy eating!

1. Banh Mi ( Vietnamese sandwich): at 25 Hang Ca street ( Banh mi 25)
2. Aartitroke tea
3. Banh Bao Chien ( Deep- fried dumpling with pork, glass noodle, Quil’s egg, mushrooms,..)
4. Xoi xeo ( sticky rice with mung bean, shallots, ) at 35B Nguyen Huu Huan street (Xoi Yen)
5. Omai ( dries fruits) at the beginning of Ngo Gach street
6. Tra Cung Dinh ( herbal team- royal tea) you can get this tea at any shops on Lan Ong street
7. Banh Cuon ( steam rolling rice cakes) at 12 Hang Ga street
8. Mia Da ( sugar cane juice with camquat) on Hang Vai street
9. Bun Bo Nam Bo ( beef noodle salad) at 67 Hang Dieu street
10. Banh Goi (pillow cake), Nem Cua Be (Sea Crab spring roll), Banh Ran (donut): at 52 Ly Quoc Su
11. Banh Trang tron ( rice paper salad) at 86 Hang Trong street
12. Egg Coffee at 11 Hang Gai ( Cafe Pho Co)
13. Hoa qua dam ( mix fruit salad with coconut milk, condensed milk and some ice) at To tich street
14.Banh Ran ( Sweet donut) from the food vendor
15. Che (sweet soup item with lotus seeds, longan)
16. Banh Com (young sticky rice cake) and Banh Xu Xe ( husband and wife cake) on Hang than street
17. Bo Bia ( rice paper, fresh coconut, black sesame, roasted sugar cane) from the food vendor.

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  1. Such an amazing video! We can't thank you enough for putting this together. See you next time your in Hanoi 😉

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