100 Year Old EGG YOLK Ice Cream! DIVERSE Thai Food Tour in Beautiful SONGKHLA Thailand

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Songkhla Old Town is one of the most beautiful places in Thailand that we have visited so far! Songkhla has a rich history and cultural diversity. With that comes delicious Thai food! In this episode, we will take you on a diverse Thai food tour in Songkhla Thailand. One of the most famous specialties of Songkhla is the unique ice cream!

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00:00 Intro
01:08 Roti Canai
03:30 Thai Vegetarian Food
06:20 Awesome Coffee Shop in Songkhla
09:16 Egg Yolk Ice Cream
13:21 Classic Thai Chinese Restaurant

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  1. Wow! that is a huge coffee indeed!
    Just stopped the video to get you a coffee! Enjoy it!!
    The ice cream looks soo good, guys. Def a perfect combination for a hot day.

  2. I never drink tea outside Turkey….for some odd reason, but with condensed milk, I would love my head over it lol.
    Veggies with Thai flavors? that sounds like crazy good.
    There it goes, the pots that reminded me of my grandma's cooking.
    Yes, maybe we can trick Lieles to eat tofu again if we put other stuff in there, like lemongrass.

  3. Those pots remind me of my grandma cooking.
    Love those coffee machines, brings me so many memories.

  4. egg yolk on coconut ice cream! 😀 sounds interesting. I'm imagining it might taste a bit like kaya toast with egg? or it has nothing to do with that?

  5. that coffee "jar" is really huge! great fix for the day! love a big glass of ice coffee to start (or continue) the day !

  6. It those feel cool when you see pictures of your hometown at home. I remember when we found a Chicago hot dog spot in Madrid. haha This meal looks bomb too. The seabass looks awesome.

  7. This ice cream is interesting. We still need to try coffee with egg yolk. Not sure that we would be as brave. Hahaha

  8. I feel like you can find better vegetarian food abroad. Just looking at your plates, everything looks so fresh and authentic.

  9. We're loving the new look of your videos guys. They look so cinematographic. That roti canai for breakfast looks so good too.

  10. That’s interesting. I wonder how that egg yolk topping came to be a thing. I know some ice creams do have egg yolks in the recipe but as a topping is new to me.

  11. The visible egg york and bean mix is interesting, I would be hesitant to try but glad you confirmed it tastes good!

  12. I have never tried vegetarian Thai food before but that sounds awesome. Love their cute porcelain looking pots! 😍

  13. Oh man, you have no idea how jealous I am to watch you eating one of my favorite cuisines everyday 🙄 lol

  14. Hahah Jumi loves her fried fish. Can't go wrong with crispy fried fish with dipping sauce 😍
    We'd like to try that stir fry tom yum with fish too, looks incredible!

  15. Oh man, it does get funkier and funkier with this episode.
    Egg yolk on ice cream, that's insane!
    We never thought of eating ice cream with raw egg yolk.

  16. Really funky coffee shop, love the vibes too.
    Love that they grind the coffee manually.
    WOW it is a huge glass of ice coffee 😍

  17. If I can eat vegetarian food everyday, I will definitely choose Thai veg food!
    Looks very delicious and can imagine how flavoursome the food is.
    Nice find guys 👌

  18. Roti canai with chicken curry, very nice breakfast options.
    Something I really miss when travelling to SE 😍

  19. Oh gosh, just realised that you had uploaded a new vlog a day ago….🤓🤓 Anyway, it's better late than never.
    Wow, l love all those lovely enamel pots at that vegetarian shop. Vegetarian food looked yummy and there were many choices.
    Very creative of that ice cream vendor…ice cream with mung beans, egg yolk and milo/ chocolate powder….oh wowww, it's indeed unique !!!
    Interesting to see how coffee beans were grinded manually….haha, coffee served in such a big mug 👍👍
    Nice ending of the vlog with an amazing meal at the Thai Chinese restaurant.
    Cheers, guys 💞✌️

  20. This ice coffee is huge ! The Italian machine does the jobI never tried this kind of ice-cream

  21. Waow I like the editing ! It’s like watching a documentary on TV. We’ll done guys. Coconut milk and lemon grass is a good mix.

  22. The old town of Songkhla reminds me of Georgetown in Penang somewhat 👍👍 nice feature of the food!!

  23. Egg yolk ice cream!! No way ! Never had this before the raw yolk on ice cream! Hmm I can see it working together! So different

  24. This coffee spot is legit! Homemade grind coffee beans! They sure know what they are doing!!

  25. Sometimes its a good way to get away from all the meats! A light vegetarian meal could make a good balance! And it looks so good! Nice green curry. Bamboo shoots and rice! Love the simplicity of the restaurant

  26. This is the first time hearing about the city! Beautiful! Very diverse! Malay food in Thailand! Bringing in the culture!

  27. Damn that dry tom yum looks so interesting never seen anything like that before either. Would love to try it. Somehow we don't drink coffee much usually but when you have the heat of south east Asia the ice coffee becomes something we crave. That shop looks awesome. Oooo that ice cream 🤤 great editing on this one guys really enjoyed the brolls from the town looks like an awesome location.

  28. Ooh classic Thai Chinese to finish.. definitely has some good vibes! Seabass looks great with the sauce and chili and spices! ❤

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