The Ultimate HAWAII FOOD TOUR in Honolulu – Loco Moco, Poke, Hawaiian Food and Shave Ice!

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Local Hawaii Food Tour of Honolulu!
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Hawaii is always a special place to eat for me, because it’s one of the places where I grew to love eating so much. When I was a kid, I would come every now and then to visit relatives in Hawaii and feast upon local Hawaii, Hawaiian food, and a variety of Asian food as well. In this video, we’re going on an ultimate single day local Hawaii food tour.

– Located not to far from the Honolulu airport, Joe’s Grill Express is an awesome local spot for Hawaii style breakfast. I went with the special loco moco, including hamburger patty, spam, and eggs, all over rice, with mac salad.
Total price – $7.08

Alicia’s Market – One of my all time favorite places to eat in Honolulu is Alicia’s Market. They serve a combination of Hawaiian food and local eats, and plenty of different types of poke. I had some roasted meat and the Hawaiian food plate.
Price – $11.47 (But the owner gave me a bunch of free meat, thank you Chris)

Tamashiro Market – Another long standing icon when it comes to Honolulu food is Tamashiro market, a small seafood market. They have all sorts of fresh seafood you can buy, and they also have a good variety of different poke and prepared seafood.
Total price – $29.59

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Waiola Shave Ice – I’ve been going to Waiola shave ice since I was a kid and I still think it’s the best in Hawaii because of its incredible fine soft ice.
Price – $3.75

Itchy Butt – Finally to finish off this Hawaii food tour of Honolulu, we went to a relatively new place, my first time. Some relatives of mine had told me about it, and also every time I drove past, I would see a hungry crowd standing outside at all times. Plus I couldn’t wait to try it due to its name. It was pretty good, although Korean fried chicken tends to be a little sweet for me.
Total price – $24.00

And that completes this Honolulu food tour, hope you enjoyed it and hope this gives you some ideas about what kind of local food to eat when you visit Honolulu, Hawaii!

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  1. I am a subscriber to this channel and regular watcher of all his videos. I usually take the local tips from his videos for local eats. Love his expression while enjoying the food My first visit to Honolulu/Kona coming soon and staying close to Hilton hawaiian village Waikiki….Any local tips to enjoy local delicacies for hawaii around that point?

  2. When I’m bored and this is my go too channel I watch every day and night late at night I love this food channel

  3. The egg is undercooked and honestly I can get this in Jersey City. If I go to Hawaii I’m not eating this crap.

  4. Ha! Yeah free coffee is great bit they lock that too at times depending even the water

  5. Loco Moco is awesome! Plus spam with eggs and rice is very common in Hawaii.

  6. 100% sure he doesnt eat the whole food. He eats always as much as he shows.
    Never seen an empty plate.
    Guess his bodyweight speaks for itself.

  7. Enjoyed this video. Might you do a Hawaii vol. 2 and maybe show Helena's? She does Lau Lau and pipikalhua ribs, etc. I have never been there but love seeing places that should be visited when I do get there.

  8. I love your videos, when you are doing ur description and commentary you sound like one tourist, but when you react to the food ur inner local comes out ☺️

  9. I'm flying to Hawaii tomorrow and am excited to try some of this food! Thanks for sharing and letting us see a glimpse of your family – precious!

  10. Wow I’m quite surprised how big Hawaii is. Not sure why I thought it was tiny, not like it show on the map lol.

  11. I just sent a comment a couple hours ago that I whated to see you in Hawaii and love in be hold one popped up I injured watching it

  12. i think this guy should come to vietnam. That place is a paradise of yummy food and cheapest on the world

  13. I really think that Mark Is truly one of the most Top and genuine Sweet Host. His Channel has been one of the best! His expressions are very Sweet and natural. I can't get enough of how Informative and resourceful his Coverage is wherever he goes. Keep it up my good man. ☺ your are a Smart guy unlike any other. Appreciate the Coverage and your work, well done!

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