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Spent a day eating out in . Started the day off with some Vietnamese noodles and ended it at my favorite Chinese restaurant in the Bay area for some peking duck and the BEST lamb ribs!

Restaurants I went to:
Vien Huong Restaurant
712 Franklin St Oakland

Imperial Soup
723 Webster St Oakland

Porque No Tacos
316 14th Street, Oakland

Boiling Beijing
649 San Mateo Ave, San Bruno, CA 94066

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  1. Grew up going to Oakland Chinatown regularly and never realized how rare duck is on the east coast til I moved here!

  2. After a friend gifted me a pouch of matcha green tea with a blend of mushrooms added to it I don't make the Pho soup or ramen soup without adding the matcha green tea blend it'll literally blow your mind I'm not even kidding

  3. is Aida on instagram or whats her deal Mike. I wanna eat out with her shes a baddie hahahah seriously.

  4. Vien Huong is the best spot in Oakland to get noodles. It is my go to spot for noodles in Oakland. I grew up on it and it is so so good. Im so glad to see you tried it!!!

  5. South Bay is totally different than San Francisco. South Bay is more like LA. More congested. More polluted. Every one is in the car. Mid-Peninsular is a better place to call home in bay area. The only two places in Oakland Chinatown worth going are Tao Yuen dim sum and Napoleon Bakery. Napoleon has better egg tarts than Golden Gate Bakery in SF Chinatown. Be careful when you are there. Oakland is a dangerous place. There were a few attacks happened in the past few months. Scumbags focus on attacking Asian.

  6. Maybe Bigfoot stole your bike… When hearing some strange scream in the woods, it could be Bigfoot having diarrhea

  7. i grew up blocks from there its was the bomb in the 90s, so sad during covid, hope it bounces back

  8. I live so close to Chinatown and i go there every wesnesday god i wish i met mike…

  9. Too bad you couldn’t try out Burger Claim! As a Seattle local, I love that place when I’m in the area!

  10. I just watched this… I’ve been watching your channel for years and somehow forgot you started in the Bay Area… I remember you inspired me with exploring Chinese food here starting from QQ noodle. I was so excited this episode because I just lived in Oakland for a while and then had a great surprise cuz I just moved to San Mateo…it’s so funny how it matched with this video, I’m happy to take some more great restaurant tips from you 🙂

  11. I’ve walked by so many times where you guy went today and I never walked in one of the stores😅

  12. "a funnel cake and a rice Krispy both went on tinder, both swiped right" one of the best lines ever!

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