MUSLIM Indian street food tour in Mumbai – HALAL Indian food on Mohammed Ali Road, India

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MUSLIM Indian street in Mumbai – Today, I will take you on a Muslim Indian street food tour in Mumbai, India. I will go on a street food adventure on India’s famous Mohammed Ali road night market to eat some of the best .

This MUSLIM Indian street food tour in Mumbai starts by having an incredibly delicious street halwa in the middle of the Indian’s famous Mohammed Ali Road.

A few steps down the road, I went to a Halal restaurant to eat the best Muslim Indian food I’ve had so far, Nalli Nihari.

To continue our Muslim Indian street food tour in Mumbai, I went to a very popular Halal Indian restaurant on India’s famous Mohammed Ali Road to try the insanely delicious Chote kebab.

After that, I stumbled upon a street food vendor making Indian Halal Baida roti and I couldn’t resist.

To continue our Muslim Indian street food tour in Mumbai, I went to the oldest bakery on Mohammed Ali Road to try some of their best desserts.

Moving on, I couldn’t leave Mohammed Ali Road without having some Indian Halal kebabs on the street. Muslim food is some of the best.

Before ending this Muslim Indian street food tour in Mumbai, I needed to have India’s national drinks. Lassi and Masala chai.

After leaving India’s famous Mohammed Ali Road where we had some of the most delicious Muslim and Halal street food in Mumbai, we went to have the craziest Indian dessert I’ve ever had. A coconut shake called Dilwale.

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Street food stall on Mohammed Ali Road

2- NALLI NIHARI at Chinese N Grill


Street food stall at the corner with HINDUSTAN RESTAURANT

5-INDIAN SWEETS at Suleman Usman Mithaiwala

Street food stall in front of HINDUSTAN RESTAURANT


8-DILWALE (coconut shake) at Pappu juice wala

Hope you enjoyed this Muslim Indian street food tour in Mumbai, India, where we visited the famous Mohammed Ali Road night market. Stay tuned for more Indian street food videos in India.

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Buongiorno guys, I’m Max Ginestra.

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I believe that through the food we can deeply explore new cultures, traditions and get to know the people.

In this channel, Abroad and Hungry, I will share my passion for street food, local and traditional cuisine.

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  1. Buongiorno guys! Hope you enjoyed the video.
    This is our last video in MUMBAI.
    Do you have any recommendation about cities in INDIA to go for their street food?

  2. Just started following you today and excellent content and already seen three vlogs in Mumbai and Ahmedabad
    Thank you

  3. Bro I love to watch your video…..but it's only food in India we never discriminate on food so plzz mentioned Indian Street food instead of mentioning hindu or muslim food….it's a request
    Lots of love from India my G❤️❤️✌️✌️

  4. tray to pay BUT FREE
    Who are they? MUslimin…. may be most in Tuurkey…
    Be aware of this…..

    Muslims are always beleive to be kind

  5. ya başkan lütfen beğeniyormuş gibi yapma . valla sağlığından olacak. sen oraların adamı değilsin. zehirlenecen. bu nedir ya ülkeye bak

  6. Look how nice and humble the people are and yet in the media Muslims are the bad people and always talking bad about them. This shows that Muslims are the kindest people on earth.

  7. Buon giorno Max ti adoro sempre di più aspetto sempre con ansia i tuoi video.Ti auguro veramente tanta felicità e serenità e salute a te e alla tua bellissima moglie , grazie 🇮🇹🙋🥰🙏

  8. India is the only Country that serves you with a piece of newspaper, you can read some news while you eat 😁😁

  9. Saya sangat menikmati video anda,walau situasi tidak nyaman karena lalu lintas yang padat dan bunyi klakson kendaraan yang ramai tapi anda ssngat menikmatinya dan saya pun seperti ikut traveling bersama anda .. sukses untuk anda dan istri anda ❤

  10. We miss you already in Turkey brother😂😅 nevertheless enjoy your trip to India

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