Kosovo #1 FAST FOOD DISH!! Qebaptore FOOD TOUR in Peja, Kosovo

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My sixth day in Albania and Kosovo continued in beautiful Peja, Kosovo, as I dove into the local food scene! Let’s explore Kosovo’s #1 fast food dish with an epic qebaptore food tour in Peja, Kosovo!


I was so pumped to go on this ćevapčići food tour! Ćevapčići is a mincemeat sausage that’s super popular in the Balkans. My boy Erjan from Travel Media EU and I hit the ground running with a stop at Qebaptore Dioni. Inside, we watched them grill up some ćevapčići in their kitchen before taking our seats.

This place is Erjan’s favorite qebaptore in Peja! I opened up the pita bread, stuffed it with the ćevapčići and some cheese! Along with the cheese, we also had cucumbers, tomatoes, and cabbage. The ćevapčići with the cheese and pita was amazing, and I loved it when I added some spice to it. It was so juicy and the bread was phenomenal! Overall, it was one of the best ćevapčićis I’d ever had in my life!

I couldn’t get over how amazing the ćevapčići was, but we still had more to eat! We walked just five doors down to Gazi Qebaptore Restaurant. Their ćevapčići is different because it’s spicy sujuk! Before we ate, we had some Peja beer, which paired with the meat really nicely.

The sujuk was a little spicy and similar to chorizo. It was smoky and juicy, and was amazing with a bit of salt and spice sprinkled on top. They were the perfect combination, especially with the Peja beer!

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After the sujuk, we continued down the street to Qebaptore Egzoni. There were so many qebaptore restaurants on this street! There, we had a meatball that was more like a burger, along with tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, chilies, pepper seeds, potato salad, and salt.

The meat with cabbage and pepper seeds was outstanding. The peppers were also super spicy, but I’m all about spice! Putting it all in the bread was even better! Then, I washed it all down with a yogurt drink called ajran, which killed the spice in my mouth.

Everything at these places was too good, and everyone was super friendly! From there, we hopped in the car and headed to the bazaar in the center of Peja. There are lots of jewelers at the entrance, and a lot of knockoff clothing shops.

Inside the bazaar, we stopped at Qebaptore Te Agimi. They sell ćevapčići, spicy sausage, ribs, and much more. They had sujuk hanging in the window. We got some veal and cabbage.

It was basically a skirt steak. Mixed with some spicy and cheese red pepper paste and cabbage, it was fantastic. The paste made this dish. It added a creaminess and some heat. I loved it!

What an incredible qebaptore food tour in Peja, Kosovo!

Where have you been?

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