Hanoi Food Tour – We eat the best food in Hanoi Vietnam

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Join us on a Hanoi Food Tour as we eat and drink old classics like Pho and Bun Cha along with new classics like Marou Chocolate and Pasteur Street Brewing Company craft beer.

For more check out the Hanoi Food Guide on our website:

Here are the places we visited (See the locations on a google map)

0:39 – Pho Ga – Chicken Pho at a local Pho Ga stand.

1:34 – Bun Cha Hang Quat –

3:12 – Kaffeville (Please note that they moved to a new location after the video was filmed that’s not quite as rustic and funky) –

4:12 – Banh Mi Lan Ong –

4:48 – Pasteur Street Brewing Co. Hanoi
Also see their website:

5:44 – Maison Marou Hanoi –
Also see their website:

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  1. Officially pple take siesta in VN. Recharge yourself for an afternoon tea, 2 Foodtrippers
    PuriSue. the peculiarity of VN dishes is Nước (liquid). Nước dùng (broth) & Nước Chấm (dipping sauce) make/break a dish. Glance over others to see how they dip their nibbles. Eg, for Bún Chả, you soak all into the dipping sauce. A good Pho house usually serves only 1 dish: Pho. Since, it takes 10 hrs approx to simmer Pho broth, no time/energy for many dishes. There are some exceptions. Too many of bowls of broth left over = an omen of mediocre Pho

  2. We're visiting Hanoi this year, and researching on food to eat there. I've came across your blog, thanks for the recommendation and awesome write up! (Oh and also for the lovely video, good to discover another travel vlogger 😄)

  3. Been to Vietnam but haven't made it to Hanoi. I LOVED the food in Vietnam! There's nothing better than a good Pho Bo! Thank god I ate just before watching your video. I love it, it looks so good! The Bun cha looks incredible… oh my I'm getting hungry again! Coffee is always good! 🙂 That chocolate tart looks incredible, haha ! That is art! Loved the video!

  4. We loved the bun cha in Hanoi! Love shiso leaf too – gives it a nice cumin-like flavor.

  5. looking forward to visiting Hanoi next month. Now we have a few great recommendations Thanks!

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