Vietnam Street Food Tour

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After that awesome Mekong Delta Tour, we went back to our AirBnb to rest. We were so tired but I actually booked a Tour for us with Saigon Free Walking Tours! This time its a food tour. Dad though was so exhausted he bailed out on the tour.

I met with my guides in front of their school where they wait with their motorbikes. Yep we will be going around Saigon on motorbikes. Von and Henry, my guides, took me first to a Banh Xeo restaurant. They taught me how to eat a Banh Xeo which actually was kinda similar to a Samguysal. They also took me to a street food market lane where lots of food line up the street just waiting for your bite!


Tour Guide: Free
Scooter Fee: 80,000 VND
Food Cost: 230,000 VND
Coffee: 190,000 VND

This entire video series was shot using #AsusZenfone5

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  1. I miss Vietnam and the food. Hindi ko na tikman yung ibang street but will definitely go back soon. Thanks for the video ☺️

  2. Hello kuya! Ako yung nakasama niyo sa Wow Hostel sa Taiwan last March ☺️ may indochina trip din ako sa August (solo) kaya chineck ko baka meron ka, meron ngaaaaa. Gagawa na kasi ako iti hahaha. Thank you sa pa-detailed na vlog mo

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