Ultimate Taipei FOOD TOUR GUIDE! | Street Food, Hot Pots & More!

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So who’s Aiken’s love of his life?? Ya Qi or Food?

2019 was such a productive & hectic year and we were so glad we’ve managed to take a break before the outbreak of the Coronavirus. Taiwan was really an amazing place full of good food, scenery & people!

Meanwhile let’s all take care and stay strong at home! When this pandemic ends, do visit some of these places Aiken recommended!

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Directed, shot and edited by Ryan & Sylvia


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  1. go Kaosiong n visit Eda World and Dream Mall. Or go Taichung n visit Zhongyou Dept Store and 星月天空 cafe in Nantou or Fengjia Night Market. if u need more details on how to get to these places or plan a 5-7 days trip to Taiwan, contact me, i will help u plan. i love Taiwan n have stayed there more 1yr++. Hoping to retire and stay there.

  2. Thx aiken for saying abt google lens it rlly helped me in my CL hw. I specifically went back to this vid

  3. I always try to sit side by side with my gf whenever we go to eat. As Charmaine said, just to be closer. And it's not like we can't talk to each other when we're sitting side by side.

  4. At least your dog can eat rice others only eat rice when their owners don’t feel like eating it

  5. Taitung has very nice scenaries. Tainan has a lot of foodies. More laid back pace of a city as well. Specially those traditional ones. Can't wait to go back taiwan for a visit.

  6. Love Charmaine! She is a natural, bubbly with a cute laughter, and she would make a fantastic food host. 😁

  7. Aiken is a NATURAL!!! He treats the camera as his best friend and can say anything to it without pausing and feeling awkward. Watch my word. He'll be famous one day. Two thumbs up for Aiken!

  8. Hahaha! I like to sit next to my husband while we eat hotpot!! Reason one: we clingy like that! Reason two: we always order a lot of food so the food has the whole stretch of table on the other side! Hahahaha

  9. We look forward to repeating the "PARKVIEW HOTEL TAIPEI" whenever your travels bring you back to Taipei.

  10. Taichung will be great! Free public bus transport for traveling within 10km of the city lehhh…. must try! 😀 Also got good food and much less people than in Taipei leh~

  11. Look at 21.53 and look at the background j can see char running somewhere

  12. when eating yes…i have to seat facing each other coz i need to enjoy my food without touching others..hihihi

  13. We sit side by side cause we don’t want our spit to go into the soup when we speak to each other over the table

  14. I prefer to sit side to side, cuz i am very bad at hearing and my friends had enough of me asking them to repeat 😂

  15. taiwan should update their menu with english also, everytime i go eat , dont know what they selling also , lol

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