Ultimate 2022 Belize Street Food Tour! Placencia, Seaweed Smoothies, Fry Jacks, Salbutes and More!

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Here we are in the Caribbean fishing village of Placencia, Belize, getting ready to spend 3 days on Francis Ford Coppola’s private island, when out of the blue, one of our local friends sets us up on an authentic Belizean food tour with the area’s premier historical and cultural guide, Lyra.

In this episode, we visit a range of the best Belizean street food vendors and try their signature dishes to experience the ultimate in local culinary culture!


0:00 Intro
0:19 Driving into Placencia Village
0:43 Taste Belize Tours – Cacao
2:01 Carmen’s Fry Jacks
4:35 Brewed Awakenings Seaweed Smoothie
5:42 Barefoot Bar
8:12 Tiburón Rum
9:32 Wendy’s Escabeche
10:54 Omar’s Creole Grub Giant Crab Claws
12:42 Tutti Frutti Gelato
13:18 Wrap-Up

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  1. AMAZIing, Great video of my country guys. Glad you enjoyed your visit

  2. You’re my new “Emily in Paris”. I’m binge watching your videos, but I’m doing it in reverse.

  3. Those crab claws look amazing! We love when seafood has some spice to it, and those look super delicious! 🦀 Belize seems like a really cool country to visit, we haven't explored much of Central America, but it looks amazing! Love the commentary too guys. On a side note, we've never heard of Inspirado Pass before, sounds like you'll probably. have more cool trips on the horizon. Just subscribed, and hope to see more of your adventures as you explore new areas!

  4. Your video makes me miss Placencia and my friend Lyra, and all the great foods there! I lived there for 4 years and enjoyed every minute.

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