Trying Vietnamese Food For The First Time ( Phở & More In Saigon ) 🇻🇳

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Hey whats up guys!
My name is domi and i am a german traveling the world! Today I Tired My First Real Vietnamese Food Phở ! And Some Side Dishes! It was propably the best noodle soup i ever had!
I hope you enjoy the video!

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  1. 6:20 The name of this herb in English is “Sawleaf”. It has two different names in Vietnamese. Southern Vietnam calls it “Ngò gai” while Northern Vietnam names it “Mùi tàu”.

  2. If you can't eat spicy, you don't have to put that much chili. Too much spicy can kill the taste. Only lime is a must, other ingredients (garlic, soy sauce, chili, bean sprouts…) are optional.

  3. Where have u been? Under the rock? Watch out for pho bc it contains human parts n other animals parts. For example, meat ball is from ox testicle (blue ball), veggie r from cannabis, etc. the veggie turn u into lady boy. Dude, u r so brave.👍
    Egg roll is make from rat poop.😜

  4. the egg coffee is so good! creamy, sweet, and light ~ paired with the strong coffee, it's amazing. I hope you will enjoy it!

  5. Lovely video! Looks so lovely, I am glad you are enjoying Saigon (: I love how you're willing to try new foods, not many people I know are like that.

  6. I love Vietnamese food. We have a couple of Vietnamese restaurants in Tucson. That crocodile fruit looks like guava.

  7. The DEVIL IS 'EH' 'pho' of G0D, N0T 'EH' friend.

  8. crocodile juicy what da hell?
    That translation is so weird 🙂 LOL.
    But yes we called it trái sấu(also cá sấu means crocodile) same word sấu.

  9. Domi
    It looks yami yami
    VIATENAME s food looks delicious
    Keep enjoying the beautiful VIATENAME s culture. They are very hard working people. Developments looks amazing. Because they got up from the dust. Srilanka should take VIATENAME as an example. Then soon we can come out of this economic crisis.
    Keep enjoying and have a safe and happy journey
    Much Love ❤ from Sri Lanka 🇱🇰

  10. woowwww Domi sir its amazing ❤️reallu appreciate your video really enjoyed well❤️🥰

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