This is Why You Should Visit Cam Ranh instead of Nha Trang (4K)

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In this video, I’ll show you instead of Nha Trang on your next beach holiday in Vietnam. The international airport that serves Nha Trang is in fact closer to Cam Ranh city, but most people head straight to Nha Trang, not speding any time in the Cam Ranh area, which is a big mistake! There are amazing beaches in this area, and I think Cam Ranh is a nicer destination than Nha Trang city itself! If you don’t believe me, check out the video!

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  1. Cam Ranh is in the middle of nowhere. Go there if you don't want to see anyone other than guests in your hotel. There's nothing there but hotels. You're pretty much stuck at the hotel with absolutely no other businesses around. Quite depressing if you ask me. Nha Trang is 1M times better.

  2. You should travel a lot, to lose weight! I just kidding, haha…I'm learning English

  3. And hotels only about 2-3 time more expensive. But overall definitely better than nha trang

  4. Looks lovely but i wouldnt go there because its a resort, they all look the same in any country Personably i want the more raw places like Nha Trang that are lively and bustling – resorts just look so dull

  5. Hi man, new sub!When i went to nha trang, on the way i saw cam ranh, but looked like only resorts or big constructions, it seemed a bit isolated from party and life, thats why as a single guy i preferred nha trang

  6. Hey Boris nice video, I’m yet to check out Cam Ranh. I’m making food videos based in Vietnam, you seem like a cool guy if you ever want to do a collaboration let me know!

  7. Vietnam is not island country because its a 40.island only.. If u want to see beautiful. Beaches go. To. Malaysia philippines Indonesia and Thailand they are all. Archipelego except vietnam

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