Street Food in China – ULTIMATE $100 Street Food Tour of Guangzhou, China – BEST 27 Street Foods!

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Today, I’m (The Food Ranger) taking you and our guests for a $100 street food tour in China in the megacity of Guangzhou! It was definitely easy to spend because we ate a HUGE roast goose and BBQ pork as well as 13 steamers of dim sum along with wok fried noodles made by expert master chefs who can handle the wok like a pro! Totalling 27 different street foods!

That is the reason I believe street food in China is so amazing. There are hundreds of different types of must try street food in China! And today, we’re taking our guests Nikki and Nels for the ultimate street food tour of Guangzhou, China!

Get ready to EAT! This street food video is packed with delicious food that is going to make your mouth water!

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► This is the giveaway video for the 2 million rangers giveaway we announced last year. The guests Nikki and Nels just flew out and we filmed this video!
This is the video:

This is part 1 of 2! In the next video, we’re taking our guests for a $3000 Chinese Seafood Feast! Watch it in the playlist here:

In this street food tour video of Guangzhou, we’ve flown out the 2 million Food Ranger giveaway winners out to China to eat street food with us. This FULL-ON street food tour of Guangzhou features 27 different must try dishes in Guangzhou and has some amazing Chinese food you’re going to love!


If you remember last year, we filmed a crazy Chinese seafood video worth $1500 and announced a giveaway to fly out 2 of our followers to China for a full street food tour of Guangzhou to try cantonese food like dim sum, noodles, and of course a very expensive seafood feast. Today’s video is all about the street food and classic Cantonese food that we ate before the seafood meal.

In total, we spent around $100 on 27 different dishes and had some of the around the world.

These are the amazing street foods that we had in Guangzhou, China:

1. The Best Dim Sum in the world – 13 different steamers of Chinese cuisine including the following: steamed chicken feet in a black bean sauce, siu mai pork dumplings, har gao shrimp dumplings, rice porridge, BBQ pork buns, red rice noodle rolls with shrimp, durian puffs, and egg custard buns!
Restaurant name: Dim Dou Dak (点都得)龙津中路587-589号

2. Amazing Chinese Rice Noodle Roll Changfen with Pork, Egg, and Shrimp, cooked right on the street! It was cheap too!
Street Stall Name: 新联肠粉店
Address: 88 Duobao Rd, Liwan Qu, Guangzhou, China

3. Delicious BBQ pork and roast goose, cantonese style. Cooked in a secret honey BBQ sauce! These BBQ pork and roast goose are not cheap if you order a whole bird, around 40$, but so worth it!
Street stall name: 永兴烧腊店 YongXing Shaola Dian
Street Stall address: 梯云东路21-4号

4. Pig foot noodles and pork intestine noodles, cooked cantonese style! Delicious egg noodles covered in a braised pork sauce are some of the best noodles to try in Guangzhou, and we found the best street stall to eat them at!
Cantonese noodle restaurant name: 坚记面店
Noodle address: 299 Changshou E Rd, Guangzhou, China

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5. Chinese medicinal street tea, one of the most unique and strong street foods you can try in China. Served from a family shop, this tea is super bitter and you’ll have to watch until this part of the video to see the most interesting part about it!

6. Chinese fried rice noodles on the street. Found in a local market in the back alleys of Guangzhou, in the same neighbourhood as the pig foot noodles above.


Guangzhou is the land of cantonese food and is home to the world famous dim sum. Since my wife Ting is from Guangzhou, we often visit and eat incredible Cantonese cuisine with her family! It’s always a lot of fun!


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  2. I like your taste of food. As a cantonese in US, I'm happy to see foreigners appreciate foods in my hometown.

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  8. Chinese cuisine (zhong hua liao li) ranks first among the three major cuisines in the world. Thousands of years of civilization and history in China have created mouth-watering Chinese cuisine.I hope that every foreigner will not listen to the propaganda of the Western media. If you want to understand China, it is best that you come to China in person.

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