PERUVIAN FOOD TOUR in AREQUIPA (our first impressions)

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Most people visit , Peru, to admire the surrounding volcanoes, or to hike Colca Canyon, but we visited Arequipa for its incredible food scene. We made ourselves a list of Peruvian foods we wanted to try and took ourselves on a DIY around the city. Join us as we try nine of the best Peruvian beverages and dishes Arequipa has to offer!

Follow along to see where we head next.

Picanteria La Mundial:
Victoria Picanteria:

OUR DIY AREQUIPA FOOD TOUR LIST (in order of consumption):
Chicha de Jora
Rocoto Relleno
Chicha de Guiñapo
Kola Escocesa
Adobo Arequipeño
Chupe de Camarones
Queso Helado


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  1. you guys are the sweetest couple ever!!! I'm glad u like the food in Peru!!!!

  2. OMG – you’ve made me so hungry. I’m booking a flight to Peru soon!!

  3. En esa lista faltan muchísimos platos : Iro, Locro, Escribano, Soltero, Matasca, Cuy Chactado, Costillar, Malaya, etc. Sarsas y Salpicones (unas 50) y unas 600 sopas y Chupes reconocidos (Chaque, Pebre, Rache, Chairo, Puchero, etc etc). A eso hay que agregar las fórmulas con camarones y marinas (pescados, lapas, erizos, etc) y las recetas serranas con chuño, ollucos, etc .PARA QUE PRUEBEN TODO ESO SE TENDRÍAN QUE QUEDAR DOS AÑOS EN AREQUIPA. ¡¡Los esperamos!!

  4. the most flavorful food in all Peruvian territorial extension is in Chiclayo (the north of the country), if you´re not used to, it can be a little agressive for the stomach because all the condiments, but it is absolutely insane!!!

  5. Greetings. What they drank with the CHICHARRON is the CHICHA DE GUIÑAPO. The CHICHA DE JORA has a different color (yellowish) and is made with another type of corn.
    The SCOTTISH COLA is consumed a lot in Arequipa, in Lima there is no such drink. It has never competed with the Inca Kola (which is the Peruvian national drink), as its sales are only limited to Arequipa and its surroundings.
    Note: Do not be confused, that the garnish leaves that are served are not part of the Peruvian dish, they are only garnishes (mint, huacatay, etc.). The same for the ICE CREAM CHEESE, which is only the ice cream, the rest is decoration of the place.
    !!!Your list is perfect, for your gastronomic visit to Arequipa. Congratulations.!!!!

  6. Does Arequipa City have great nightclubs to go to at night? 💃🕺 Any good gyms?.

  7. Chili peper doesnt exist in Peru :)… here spicy is rocoto, ají amarillo and many kind of "ajíes" in many dishesssss.

  8. Nice video. Just two things, and this is not hating at all, just facts from a peruvian: Both chichas you got were guiñapo, not jora. Jora is white/yellow corn and more fermented. Guiñapo is black or blueish corn and first sprouted then prepared sometimes with some fruit. THe chicha morada has nothing to do with the previous, because is from purple corn, not alcoholic and never fermented. There's a reason the last restaurant you went were empty: if you want to taste traditional arequipian food you need to go to a picantería. That last 3 dishes look awfull, not a good example of Arequipa. The queso helado or the ocopa never look like that and the huacatay is too strong to eat it like a letucce it must be grinded slowly in a batán (a huge stone mortar) with all the ingredients.. and the adobo is made of pork and never so dark. So many things wrong in that final place. I hope you find it tasty at least, but that was noy arequipian food.

  9. The food doesn’t look traditional . Ocopa is totally different, also the adobo 🥴

  10. I love watching videos like this and you did such a good job with it (as you do with all of your videos). Looking forward to more food tour videos!

  11. Awesome videos! Very exciting and incredible at the same time, quite relaxing! Also I wanted to say that you just tried chicha de Guañapo, not Chicha de Jora which is not fruity at all. Chicha de Jora is mainly from the north of Perú, if you ever consider in returning to Perú to do a food tour, consider to visit Trujillo, Chiclayo and Piura, it's another different culinary experience Peru can offer. You can try the real chicha de Jora and chicha blanca, and for the dishes you have soups like "Shambar", entries like "frito de chancho" and "tamales verdes", and main dishes like "arroz con pato", cabrito (or also pato) a la norteña, sopa teologa, seco de chabelo, malarrabia, "sudados de pescado", "guisadas", "mollejitas al ajo" (or "al sillao") and so on

  12. Yes, chupe de camarones or shrimp chowder in Arequipa is the best that you can have.

  13. Hello guys. … You make a wonderful couple tasting and explaining the foods that you tried. … I am from Arequipa, so, let me explain something to you: The Chicha de Jora, is the general name by which this beverage is known in most of the Andes. … Now, the main diference between the one calla de Jora, and the one made of Güiñapo, is that this last one is made from a very dark type of corn [Negro they call it], and for that reazon, the chicha in Arequipa has that color Carmin/reddish, … which is the ONLY CHICHA that has that color in the whole the Andes. …While most Chichas de Jora have a brown pale type of color, … although the flavors are very similar.

    Now, the CHICHA DE JORA, …… and the CHICHA DE GÜIÑAPO that you tasted in Arequipa: ARE THE SAME THING, only that in one place was named Chicha de Jora, and in the other Chicha de Guiñapo. … If one wants to be very precise. …. Both of those CHICHAS were the Chicha de Güiñapo [in Arequipa you cann't find, or with a lot of dificulty, the brown type: "Jora"], and you can realize that, because, both had the same color, … and as you had notice, … the same flavor too.

    One las thing: In spanish, the sylabe "gui," sounds "gi" as the "ga" in gato. … If you write "gi," in a word in spanish [as in "gigante"] … it sounds like "ji," as with your pronounce the "h" in house. … For that reazon, in the sylabe "gui" if you want to pronounce the U, then this has to go with two dots in top of it: "ü," … so, in that case the U is pronounced, the the word GÜIÑAPO will be pronounced: GU, … I … ÑA …. PO. … With out the two dots, the pronunciation would be: GI … ÑA …. PO.


  14. Love the chemistry between you two, and both of your smiles when tasting the food, instead of over exagerated reactions just to get more subs. Keep up the good work!

  15. This city is on MY GO!! List definitely will be going here it's sooooo Beautiful ❤️

  16. Autumnal tones? You do realize the fermentation process is started when people spit into the brew. Maybe it’s the drool that has the autumnal tones.

  17. I loved the food video from that restaurant .
    Amazing sounding good and complimentary drinks.
    Makes me want to just pack up my stuff and go there.
    I'm glad you two are getting these experiences. Because as you've said no one really knows when there times up so the more you can get out and see what the world has to offer. I say do it!!!!!

  18. 1. I love your content. Started watching you guys recently since I'm planning a trip to Peru. You guys have a humble, genuine Andy non pretentious vibe to your videos and they're endearing to watch.
    2. Negative comments are part of social media. That's just matter of fact in the field you're in. But remember that you choose what you invest your energy into. You energy is valuable so consciously choose how much of it you will give to negative comments

    Thank you for your videos… I've subscribed

  19. Wow, I just stumbled on your videos and subscribed! I will be in Peru in October for two weeks. If you had to choose between paracas and arequipa which one would you do? I am too excited about the food in this video and the possibility of going to the canyon.

  20. Glad you are visiting my hometown…you are now devoted followers of the greatest soccer team in the world Melgar FC!!!

  21. Hey guys, if you are going back and pass through Lima, send me a msg and I can show you around and invite a good lunch or something. Hope you had a great time!

  22. Now I understand why Arequipa is among the countries with the most tourim.!! What a súper beauty of a country it is!!!

  23. ¡Arequipa is one of my most dreamed destinations! Congratulations on crossing the bordes and going so far.. as always excellent video.

  24. I loved Arequipa, it would be my favorite City to live in Latín América

  25. We fell in love with Arequipa, a City ufff to always return, greetings

  26. The food does look amazing! On the desert, was that an orange on top or was it something different?

  27. Love your food tours..would also like to know how to find the places that you eat…online sources or locals recos?…I know you are a planner Claire and want to check off those lists!

  28. Excellent Job with the food tour 👍🏽👍🏽❕I really enjoyed it and really 😩wished I could have had some 🤤

  29. 🤗C&C💗❕I’m sooooo excited to see you both and for our day out lol😁let’s roll

  30. Guys, I think that the first drink was 'Chicha de Guiñapo" too, that's the reason because you say that its similar with the drink in the market (bottle). The first drink doesn't look like "Chicha de Jora" . Nice videos and nice couple.

  31. I had the joy of spending a few days in Arequipa, a very beautiful city! I would go again. From Chile.

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