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Today in the biggest Vietnam Street food Tour I had a lovely breakfast at a local Vietnamese soup shop in Hanoi Old Quarter. Banh Da Cua was a firm favourite Vietnamese dish in my backpacking days years ago. Today it is still one of my favourite soup dishes in Vietnam. A budget friendly dish in Hanoi with vast amounts of different flavours and tastes.

Enjoy watching & salivating as Simon explores Vietnam looking for the very best .

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  1. That looks so tasty. Looks like there is a lot going on in that soup. Great work

  2. That looks so good , where I live in Redcliffe we have a Vietnamese bakery run by a fantastic Vietnamese couple , I love there Banh Mi , got one for last few days and it’s for my tea tonight, obviously it’s $6 Australian compared to 15VN dong but keeps me going, loving your videos as always –

  3. So it's open to international travel from July is that correct Simon.

  4. Hi Simon what part or street in Hanoi was that place . I will be interested when you do the videos of cost of living in Hanoi and country side living hoping to do 6 months next year.

  5. That looks 100% like a place my wife and I would go. Then again we'll go anywhere with noodle soup.

  6. Congratulations on reaching 1.61k subscribers onwards and upwards well done . The food look amazing. Nice vlog as always stay safe

  7. Palawan island is the only place where Vietnamese food is accessible to the masses in the Philippines. Eating Chao Long is like a “must try” activity in Palawan. Sadly, it’s not close to how I remember pho taste like in Hanoi. Vietnamese food is definitely special and is worth traveling for.

  8. What does the sausage meat taste like? Is it made from pork or beef or poultry of some kind?

  9. living the dream!! cost of living out in Hanoi must be 6-800/month for a single male on average?

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