HANOI FOOD TOUR: Explore Hanoi's Best Markets and Street Food with A Chef's Tour!

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We often visit wet markets when we travel, but always during the daytime after most of the stocks have already been sold. Markets are liveliest at the crack of dawn. This is when most of the action happens and exactly what you’ll experience when you go on this tour in Hanoi, Vietnam with A Chef’s Tour.

Led by Chef Duyen, you’ll visit three markets – Quang Ba Flower Market, Long Bien Market, and Dong Xuan Market. You’ll eat many delicious Vietnamese street food dishes like xoi (sticky rice), bun cha, bun rieu cua, ca phe trung (egg coffee), and che. You’ll even get to try bia hoi or draft beer at nine in the morning! Chef Duyen really knows her food so she’ll take you to all the best stalls serving the most delicious examples of every dish.

If you’re into food, markets, or street photography, then you’re going to love this tour. Check out our blog post for more details!



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