Food Tour on RAINBOW STREET Amman Jordan 🇯🇴جولة أكل في شارع " الرينبو" عمان الأردن

Bạn đang xem video: Food Tour on RAINBOW STREET Amman Jordan 🇯🇴جولة أكل في شارع " الرينبو" عمان الأردن được tổng hơp từ trang ẩm thực

We made a trip to over to the Amman Citadel and then after it was time to explore the famous where we tried food at a couple restaurants. I explore this area with my friend Harry, make sure to check out and subscribe to his YouTube channel here:

This is 1 video of the 20+ videos from my Youtube vlog series about my time in Jordan, you can find the entire playlist of videos here:

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  1. Tell us about what brand of camera you use the film I like the quality so I can get the same brand

  2. 14:56 🤣😂😂🤣 Mac: momkin azbak ….. the waiter: Azebny 🤣🤣😂😂😂😂 if you know Arabic 😂👌🏻 realy nice accent especially when Mac talking 😆🤍

  3. People seem nice there. I will visit there someday alone~ from quebec canada!

  4. I watched the video and I enjoyed it,, interesting things , god bless you, I miss Jordan ❤❤❤

  5. Just finished watching the whole video. Great content as usual. Thanks, Mac and are the boss lol!!

  6. Im jordanian and i hate it… really nothing to do here…. we have no nature, no rivers,polluted air, no organized houses or streets, no greens, chaotic, crowded, dirty streets, bad culture, dirty people,no good public parks. everything people ruin it… its a white old buildings jungle, nothing else. once we go to europe we see the big difference….we are still do and think 100 years behind and we will never be organized and modern like the westerns.

  7. Hi iam pleasant to see u video in Jordan 🇯🇴, but u seem Jew Israel 🇮🇱 good 👍 lucky 🍀

  8. Jordan nice country but once you are there you feel you’re by your own no connection good with people it’s like cold filing if make sense

  9. I like ur videos bro ,,
    Am ur new frineds from amman jordan “khaiyee “

  10. Wooooo delicius brownie, I love your videos Mac , so fantastic Amman, greetings from El Salvador centralamerica

  11. Amman is nice and very neat city I been there many times back in the early 90s

  12. Man . Brings back a lot of nice memories for me . Left in 1986 , currently in SJ,Ca . Rainbow street is named because of the Movie Theater with the same name , and the name stuck to that area of lower Jabal Amman – the first circle is what it used to be called before ! Taxis used to be metered , may be for locals. Amman is always safe . Stay Safe .

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