Epic LISBON Food Tour (9 Delicious Stops!)

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Where are the best places to eat in Lisbon? And what are the best things to eat? Piri piri chicken, custard tarts, sardines (fresh and canned), Ginjinha, bifana, port and more in this delicious Lisbon food tour! Venga, let’s go! 🥝

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Have you been to Lisbon? It’s an incredible food city. And recently we launched our first Devour Tour there – our Tastes & Traditions of Lisbon Food Tour. And to celebrate it, I decided to make a video along with Ellis Dixon, our wonderful local operations manager and Lisbon expert. Get ready, because this Lisbon food tour is delicious!

So, where did we go?

1. Confeitaria Nacional: This place has been open since the early 1800s and it’s a fantastic place to start your day – a bica (espresso) and a pastry surrounded by gorgeous turn-of-the-century decor.

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2. Ginjinha Sem Rival: I love this tiny little shop where you can get a bottle of Portugal’s famous cherry liqueur – and also take a shot of it at the bar. This place has been going since 1840!

3. O Trevo: You have to eat a bifana sandwich when you’re in Lisbon. It’s simple, but delicious – stewed pork, and then you douse it in piri piri sauce and yellow mustard. And this was the place Anthony Bourdain visited!

4. Casa Pereira: I love how this old shop smells like coffee, tea and chocolate. And the walls are lined with incredible bottles of port. So if you want to grab a bottle of port while in the city, this is your place!

5. Trobadores: This place is straight out of Game of Thrones. And despite seemingly a little tacky, it’s actually a place locals come to. You can drink mead (fermented honey) and grill chorizo sausage right at your table!

6. Bonjardim: Piri piri chicken is famous, and if you’re going to get it in Lisbon (and you should), this is the place! The chicken was so deliciously juicy, and the skin fabulously spicy.

7. O Gaiteiro: I love a good old school restaurant. And in Lisbon these tascas the best spots to order grilled fish: sardines, salt-cold and octopus. O Gaiteiro is a place we visit on Devour’s Lisbon food tour and it’s fantastic – great food, full of local clients.

8. Sol e Pesca: This former fishing shop still looks like… a fishing shop. Apart from the enormous display of canned fish. And please, don’t be afraid of canned fish – it can be absolutely delicious, and this is the place to try it!

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9. Manteigaria: Custard tarts are everywhere in Lisbon, but not all custard tarts are created equal. These ones from Manteigaria have a wonderfully crispy and flaky pastry, and custard is like delicious molten lava. A plus, you can watch them making them through the glass window.

Hola, Spain lovers! We’re James and Yoly. James is a New Zealander, and Yoly is from Spain. And we both live in Madrid. This channel is all about giving you a local insight into life in Spain, and helping you experience this country like a local when you come to visit (or live!). If that sounds like your kind of thing, bienvenido!

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  1. Once again, I've taken a brief break from Spain, to eat my way through another European city. Who here's been to Lisbon? How was your experience? Let us know any tips in the comments! 🐟

  2. Thank you for using your hands to eat that PiriPiri chicken. It is the best way to eat it. People forget that eating with your hands tastes so much better. Specially if its fish. Thank you for showing our under appreciated and underratted culture and FOOD. 🙂

  3. Oh my.. I’m drooling while watching this. We are planning our trip to Lisbon in November. Can’t wait to try the food. Thank you for the video..

  4. Lisboa não é só a Baixa… nasci lá, tenho saudades de como era há 25 anos. Agora estamos em vias de extinção, embora a Baixa esteja apinhada de gente!

  5. I'm finally going to Lisbon for 9 days in the first week of September. I'm so excited! I will leave a comment of my food experiences then. 😬

  6. You don’t have a clue what good food is
    The things you recommended are disgusting!

  7. Mr. James Blick, I thank you whole heartedly for this video , I was in lisbon recently and I visited every single place that you have suggested, It is awesome that you do this, much appreciated and greatful to you

  8. Your recommendations were spot on! Tied the Mead at Trobadores and it was delish. Didn’t have the fire sausage as it wasn’t available but the Roasted Rack of Lamb was delicious! The ginjinha is increíble and as our last meal this evening here in Lisbon we are taking your recommendation and going to Cucúrico for their whole chicken! Thanks for posting your video, very helpful!

  9. I will be there at the end of November 2022. I will definitely be eating at some of these restaurants.

  10. Las sardinas se ponen en una rebanadita de pan, y se come a pelliuzcos con los dedos…😉

  11. Love this video so much and we just booked our tour with Devour in Lisbon for this Saturday! Obrigado!

  12. Ellis is a good looking sexy woman and she's really into you food video.

    Is she into more than that ?

  13. Es Mui Triste Hablar y Hacer un video sobre Lisboa turística y ,solamente hablar y filmar comida y mas comida ! Da la Sensación de que todos los Youtubers que van a Lisboa son Hambrientos y pasan hambre ! Lisboa NO ES solamente comer y comer , Lisboa es También Turismo Urbano ,sus calles ,su pueblo y su Cultura ! Por eso que Dé al link No me gusta ! Por favor un poco de Respecto por Lisboa ,y se lo digo para todos los que sigan por ese Camino ! Un saludo.

  14. As a Portuguese I'm sorry but there's no way any pastel de nata from Manteigaria are better than pasteis de Belém. Unfortunately the queue of tourists for pasteis de Belem as become too much that you have to wait an hour or two to get them…

  15. Ohh I love the Ginja drink when they serve it in a dark chocolate cup! 😋😋😋

  16. This looks great, I just plotted these places on a map as I am looking at head there in a few months. cheers.

  17. I can't watch this even though I just had dinner, for I know the taste of the delicacies those two are gorging in.

  18. Meade is sweet with just a little alc. not my fave. That sausage looks good, does it have fillers?
    Yummy foods and thank you

  19. I'm arriving in August 22, travelling as a solo – hope they do T, as im not a coffee drinker, I like a lager n will try the local beer….

  20. based on most of the below, Id say the reviews are by other vlogers doing the same ("ovligatory" they call it…) for you that you are expected to do for them…..'cause I have not seen anything remotely beautiful or eaten anything delicious in Lisbon, Portugal.

  21. bifana is so simple but just such a good comfort food. Everything is good in bread, leitão, sardinhas…My grandparents used to make jeropiga, also with aguardente… so sweet and delicious. Beautiful video.

  22. Honestly, the best way to find a great place to eat is to look for a local tasquinha, one that really only serves a few pratos do dia. They'll be tiny 'hole-in-the-wall' places tucked into side streets, filled with the local workers. And the food will be delicious, filling, and cheap.

    And one good way to separate the good from the mediocre is to see if they serve more than just bacalhau or frango assado no forno. Look to see if their blackboard listing their pratos offer things like cabrito.

    (Google Maps is pretty useful for this, as long as you look through the pictures for each place to see if there is a blackboard listing the pratos.)

    🤤 Cabrito assado no forno a moda do minho. Soooo goooood. 🤤

  23. I love all your tours.
    What an eclectic mix of food and drinks.
    Have you ever thrown up post tour?

  24. I love your stuff on Spain but Alice just took you to all the tourist stops for the most part. So much more to see outside city center. Lisbon has become like Rome and Paris lately. Portuguese people rarely spend any time in the center these days, it mostly caters to the cruise ship people and other tourists. Not that it’s bad, just not very authentic. This was not the case 35 or 40 years ago. Kind of like having lunch on Los Rambles in Barcelona and thinking you’re off the beaten path lol. Keep up the good work in Spain.

  25. only one other place I can recommend but it's hidden away. It's called Frangasqueira Nacional in R. Impresa Nacional 11am to 3pm then 6pm till late. It's inside Travessa do Monte do Carmo intersecting with Rua de Sao Marcal. It's a very narrow area cars can't fit in this street. It's really hidden away you park off rua da escola politecnia and go down r. Sao Marcal and turn right into r. Monte do Carmo and it's like right there. They cook amazing no frills barbequed chook with chips and the great prices for the quality that you are getting. It's brazilian portuguese couple that run the show and they're always busy. A must place for takeaway or sit down. They kick a goal with both feet with this place the oil they use and the spices are amazing. Please try it and review it and I'll pretend I'm eating there through time travel.😂😂😂😂 Great video by the way.

  26. Great job guys. Very informative. I'm checking out all the places you recommend.

  27. This is THE most delightful piece of video I’ve seen!!!!! I absolutely love your energy and editing

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