EPIC Barcelona Food Tour (10 AWESOME Stops!)

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Discover my TOP 10 places to eat in Barcelona! Chocolate, jamón, tapas, seafood, markets, croissants, bomba, vermouth, cava, patatas bravas, fideuá and more! Beware – this food tour is EPIC! And it also includes stops from our Devour Tours food tours! Venga, let’s go! 🥝

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Barcelona is an amazing place to eat! But here’s the thing – it can also be hard to eat well in Barcelona because it’s so touristy. There are just so many options, and lots of them literally are tourist traps. But happily there are also so many incredible places to eat and delicious things to taste and drink if you just know where to look.

In this video I take you to 10 of my favourite places to eat 10+ incredible bites. And we visit 3 famous neighbourhoods across the entire video. We go to the Born, the Gothic Quarter and La Barceloneta – three neighbourhoods that you have to visit, and we’ll eat delicious food in each!

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And a number of places are places we visit on Devour Tour’s food tours – including our Tastes & Traditions of Barcelona Food Tour and our Tapas, Taverns & History Food Tour

Also, once you’ve watched this, be sure to check out my playlist of Barcelona videos – including my epic 9-stop Barcelona Tapas Crawl.

So, where do we go?
1. Granja Dulcinea for an incredible suizo (chocolate and cream!)
2. Mercado Santa Caterina: We visit Bar Joan for a fry-up breakfast and cava and Antonio Iberics for a fantastic selection of cured meats. Plus, we visit a stall for delicious escalivada.
3. Historic Casa Gispert for a selection of wood-roasted almonds, and chocolate treats
4. Hofmann Pastisseria for an insane marscapone croissant
5. La Campana for delicious turrón and horchata
6. Xarcutería La Pineda for vermouth and a selection of potato chips with Espinaler sauce, cheeses and salt-cured anchovies
7. Bodega La Palma for patatas bravas and red wine
8. Can Paixano for a delicious butifarra sandwich and also a pork loin and cheese sandwhich – all knocked back with their famous cava
9. La Cova Fumada for a bomba (it was invented here!), grilled squid and grilled sardines
10. Can Ramonet for a delicious seafood fideuá and drinking from the porrón!


Hola, Spain lovers! We’re James and Yoly. James is a New Zealander, and Yoly is from Spain. And we both live in Madrid. This channel is all about giving you a local insight into life in Spain, and helping you experience this country like a local when you come to visit (or live!). If that sounds like your kind of thing, bienvenido!

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  1. I loved making this EPIC food tour video! And my god I was stuffed by the end! Which of the 10 stops do you most want to visit? 🥂🥂

  2. THANK YOU very much for these recommendations!!!! We're headed to Barcelona for a cruise next June but staying afterwards in the town for 4-5 days. ALL of these locations will definitely be on our places to visit while we are there. My wife and I look for the "out-of-the-way" spots away from the typical tourist traps. Great Vid! Thanks again sooooo much!

  3. Hofmann's Patisseria is pretty small shop down a narrow street and is easy to miss. Everything is impeccably displayed and very tempting.
    The croissants are huge and went for one of the ones you guys had in the video and it was nice. Very sweet but nice. Half was enough for me,
    Kids had a croissant that looked like half had been dipped in chocolate and on biting into it, there was more chocolate but it was a "powdery" texture and kids didn't like it. A few bites more and there was an apricot filling to it.
    Not to kids liking but that's just them and we didn't check what was inside.
    Ballpark figure of 3 Euros per croissant.

  4. Hi Yoli and James! Arrived today in Barcelona. Can’t wait to explore places and try food you recommended. Muchas gracias, Askat

  5. Love ❤ all your movies 🎬 during your stay in Barcelona ! Congrats by the way! 👶 Hope u enjoy your time with your chicka family 👪 💕

  6. James,
    My wife and I would rate Cam Ramonet as the highlight of our trip to Barcelona. Thank you for the recommendation on Fideua and the Porron. The Fideua was amazing and the Porron was a great way to enjoy a delicious white wine.

  7. Just found this video. Looks like amazing food. I really feel deprived living in Memphis TN. This convinced me to move to Spain next year. Thanks for your great video!

  8. I'm travelling to barcelona tomorrow and I'll definitely check these places, thanks !

  9. My expectation was: Another "guiri" making a terrible video about food in Barcelona.
    But you really nailed it! I am local and I think this is the best video I've seen so far about food in Barcelona.
    This is precisely what I would recommend to someone that never been in Barcelona. I will share it with my American colleagues.

    Ben fet i enhorabona! <3

  10. Do you have to speak Spanish when ordering foods? My family and l are going on a tour in Europe next summer, and I set a goal for myself to learn travel Spanish and French from now. Not sure how much I can speak by next summer 😊. I think it would be nice to speak local language to locals.

  11. I went to La Cova Fumada recently. Really good food, especially the artichokes and La Bomba. I could've stayed there all day enjoying the atmosphere. The nearby Bar Leo is also well worth a visit. The best bar in Barcelona!

  12. Stop scraping the fork on your teeth when you eat – it is grim! 😜

  13. I love turron (soft), and especially turron ice cream. My future mother in law gets it for me now when me and my Fiancée visit them in Murcia. Don't like horchata, but love leche merengada. There is also a pastry that I tried last year with chicharrones and cinnamon, and it is so good. And of course my fiancée got me to try paparajotes, the first time I went to Spain with her, which are really good.

  14. i HATE the term guilty pleasure for food like y tf r u feeling guilty while ur feeling pleasure?! thats actually disgusting. just feel good while u feel good or dont even do it.

  15. Just visited the city few weeks ago. Loved it!! This video makes me want to go back there soon.

  16. What about personal safety? And scamers, theives, any tips, bad neighborhoods to avoid?

  17. Im heading to Barcelona this year. All the food looks delicious! Are there also fresh greens/salad options too?

  18. Is it common practice in Spain to go eat a couple tapas per bar then move to the next? Or this only done for showcasing the best of each establishment?

  19. Thank you for the tips! I tried half of your list and was very happy! Thank you!

  20. Any recommendations for large groups… We are a large family traveling to Barcelona in July.. love your videos.. any recommendations would be appreciated thanks 👍

  21. I love how not only do you show us non touristy places but also explain the history and background of them.

    Wife and I are going to Barcelona next week and this was extremely helpful!! Saved us a lot of trouble of where to eat 🙂

  22. after traveling most of the country, people from Barcelona are full of themselves, TRUE STORY

  23. loved your very pro take on Barcelona food, but do you have a book or even a list of the places you recommended?

  24. Never order Horchata and paella in Barcelona, it is not a good place to taste them! And they don't know how to cook Fideuà or paella.

  25. I tasted the foods just by looking at your elegant explanation skill 🙌🏼🙏🏼🔥

  26. Another matter. Paella it's typical from Valencia rehion, in the catalan regiin it's rice, differently cooked and prepared.

  27. It's a shame that allthough you're in Barcelona promoting the food you don't promote or don't have any interest in promoting the local language (catalan) .

  28. Thanks for the great video guide, we're arriving again on Thursday and can't wait to try all of these places

  29. I just love your videos!! We'll be in Barcelona in September and we can't wait to try some of these places out. I only hope that we don't get stuck in one of the tourist traps. We did a pretty good job of dodging these places in Rome but a couple did sneak through.

  30. Cool guide, I'm from Barcelona and all these places are amazing quality food places, but I have to say, they all are guiri spots. The real Barcelona is in the outside hoods not the center.

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