A Full Day of Eating in NHA TRANG, VIETNAM

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Day 46: We spend the day at my grandmother’s villa in Nha Trang and feast on some Vietnamese food for lunch and dinner. Didn’t do much this day but definitely enjoyed spending quality time with the family. Also couldn’t complain with the delicious Vietnamese steak (bistek) and french fries, and beef hot pot stew.
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  1. Dan, I'm loving yr Asia food/travel vlogs especially yr family ones. I've been to Saigon, but not to Nha Trang, which I know I would like, a smaller city on the eastern coast. Yr grandma is a cutie pie. She must have been so happy to see family members from the US. How old is she and does she live alone? Her doggy Shu is adorable.

  2. What’s up Dan!! Just surfing and saw your channel!! Pretty good stuff!!! New subscriber here and ringing the bell

  3. You didn’t film the part where you threw a shoe at the spider and MISSED! 😫

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