You Won't Believe this Place exists in Vietnam. Ninh Binh is incredible! 🇻🇳 Best Hanoi Day Trip

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Welcome to Ninh Bình Vietnam! This was one of our absolute favourite days in Vietnam (and was also our last day!). We went inland in Vietnam to an area called Ninh Bình.

We went on a tour of Ninh Binh and started off at Mua Caves (Hang Múa). We started off by venturing into the cave and eventually up to the top of the of the mountain, nearly 500 steps where the views are incredible.

After that we went to Tam Cốc where we went on a boat tour down the river and into three caves. Along the way you see spectacular views of limestone cliffs. It is absolutely spectacular and a must-do while in Vietnam.

Lastly we went and visited two nearby Buddhist temples including on called Thai Vi.

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0:00 Welcome to Ninh Binh
1:09 Mua Caves
2:24 Time to Climb
3:38 Those Views!
4:14 Top of the Mountain
5:21 Tam Cốc River Tour
7:04 This place is incredible
10:23 Snack Stop
11:58 Temple Time
13:59 We’ll Miss Vietnam
15:13 Wrap Up


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  1. Tôi là người Ninh Bình, rất vui khi hai bạn ghé thăm qêu hương tôi.

  2. Hêre ís tam coc, tam coc is beautiful, but near there , Trang An is more and more beautiful

  3. If you have a chance, please come to VAN LONG DRESS there you can also take a boat and see everything, it's really beautiful.

  4. Chúc mừng anh chị có một chuyến đi Việt nam vui vẻ. Ninh bình quê hương tôi. Luôn chào đón các vị!

  5. Going there in 1/2023 soon! Looking forward to it. Thanks for the nice surprise.

  6. Thanks as always for showing how awesome other cultures and ethnicities can be. Not just sightseeing but how great the people are. As most have commented, Vietnam shall too be added to my life travel list. Safe and delightful travels to you! Back to the DR Home base for now?

  7. OMG 13:30' nghe tiếng đàn bầu tôi đã muốn khóc… Một thứ âm thanh nói lên tâm hồn Việt Nam với lịch sử 4000 năm trải qua hàng trăm cuộc chiến tranh chống quân xâm lược , nhà Vua Trần Nhân Tông và Hưng Đạo Vương Trần Quốc Tuấn đã 3 lần đánh tan quân Mông Cổ đội quân mạnh nhất thế giới thời bấy giờ , quân Mông Cổ đã chiếm 2/3 lãnh thổ Châu Âu và toàn bộ lãnh thổ Trung Quốc nhưng khi tiến xuống Việt Nam đã thua cả 3 lần. Tôi thật sự tự hào về tinh thần Việt Nam bất khuất, kiên cường, không chịu khuất phục trước bất cứ kẻ thù nào dù cho chúng mạnh đến đâu. Có người từng nói " quân đội nhân dân Việt Nam không phải là quân đội mạnh nhất thế giới nhưng đã đánh thắng tất cả những quân đội hùng mạnh nhất thế giới " . Bây giờ chúng tôi sống trong hòa bình đất nước đang phát triển kinh tế mạnh mẽ tôi tin rằng chỉ khoảng 20 năm nữa thôi mọi người trên thế giới đều muốn đến Việt Nam sinh sống, làm việc và đi du lịch. Tôi yêu ❤ Việt Nam Tổ Quốc của tôi! Cảm ơn các bạn đã quay video về những cảnh thiên nhiên tuyệt đẹp ở Ninh Bình và nhiều nơi khác trên đất nước Việt Nam tươi đẹp người dân thân thiện, ầm thực tuyệt vời 👍

  8. Wow you're guys quite fit to climb up to the lookout of the mountain in a humid weather. When I was a kid living in the nearby province Nam Định in the summer of 1982, I didn't have a chance to visit this place. The temple in Ninh Bình is the one that my Dad and my grandmother had visited in 1940s and 50s in every annual pilgrimage by boat from Hải Hậu Nam Định.

  9. Amazing content you guys. When did you travel coz u r wearing sweater 🤔 I'm planning an October trip wondering how cold it would be then 😂

  10. Nooo! I’m sad you’re leaving. It was great following your journey through Vietnam though. Can’t wait until you go back!

  11. Ninh Binh looks absolutely gorgeous! We visited Hanoi a few years ago and your video gives us even more motivation to return! Thank you for sharing your trip❤️

  12. Spectacular valley with the peaks and the caves on the river. It was well worth all the gushing, Travellers! Looking forward to the next delightful locale. Ready to be surprised! LOL 😎

  13. Dang I just commented on your Dominican video. We are in Las Terrenas and wanted to say hi but you’re in Vietnam 🙁 We’re Americans from TN

  14. Hello Fellow Travellers!! I am a new follower/supporter of yours. I discovered you two in a Cheticamp video. I will be spending the night in Cheticamp in a cpl weeks & Canada Day on the waterfront in Halifax. My comment for you both today is that you are so passionate about how much you love Vietnam! I love Thailand. I had planned to try Vietnam to see if it was a cheaper more primitive version of Thailand? But then Covid hit 😞!!!!! (I went to Turkey several times during covid. Now I love Turkey too!!!) I saw that you had planned to travel to Thailand when you got stuck in the Philippines. Unfortunately neither of us has had the chance to compare the two. I am very curious to learn which you would have liked more? Hopefully we will get the chance to find out! Thor

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