We ate at THE BEST rated FOOD SPOTS in LISBON | Food Tour

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To continue our lisbon food tour we took a boat trip to cacilhas and did a little sightseeing at a seafood hot spot before sitting down to eat something very rare, a Vegan Pastel de Nata. That’s right, an egg tart with no egg in it at all. We found it in a little unassuming Portuguese cafe called Zarzuela and we were VERY impressed. Honestly, you wouldn’t know it was dairy free and gluten free! However they made them is a mystery to us, but we are glad that they did. Because we proved that Portuguese food can be enjoyed by everyone! Even with a food intolerance.

We ended our little lisbon travel guide at fabrica coffee shop, the best coffee in Lisbon is roasted, served and sold there and we always make an effort to visit when we are in Lisbon.

Hope you find this video useful if you are looking for things to do in lisbon. We think we found the best place for breakfast and traditional portuguese pastries if you don’t eat animal products like us. 🙂

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  1. Did you know there was such thing as a Pastel de Nata made without eggs or flour?

  2. Damn this comment section is a mess. No need to attack their food choices just because they are vegan

  3. These people don't know what good food is… Taking the burnt part of the pastel de Naya off and barely eating anything, but having coffee….. Lisboa is so muchhh mooore than that….

  4. I get that the first city tourists will visit is Lisbon but if you wanna try really good Portuguese food is not in Lisbon which is basic and very expensive for the price of a small dish in Lisbon here in Aveiro you have a buffet and way more traditional

  5. perhaps a food episode is not the best idea. Obviously being vegan means you ate nothing Portuguese.

  6. Bica! Portuguese coffee espresso a bit longer and creamer (sweeter?) then the Italian style. I remember after all these years. Well this is just starting but I know it will be good. I have seen several video’s promoting Portuguese food but were just terrible. I mean they were bad, bad, bad. This just beginning and just know good things are on the way…well let me watch! Thank you Eight Miles From Home🍠🥕🥔🥦🥖🍳🍗🍮 oh Porridge! Bacalhau? Let me watch and see. Ok had to go away but just now finished watching and as your wife says with her English accent- “spot on”!👌

  7. For approx 24 euro's – couple of coffee's, toast and some porridge – it's a tourist trap – unaffordable for the locals.

  8. No, way! you should not remove the burn part of the pastel nata! well this is my taste, you have to try with the burned top, if you go to a pastelaria, you will see many customers prefer with the burned top, like me. So the burned top in many occasions is made on purpose.

  9. I want to ask you If you fell the food too salty because (I believe) in UK people use less salt in their food. I'm from Brazil, from a Portuguese background and living in UK now. I fell the food so tasteless.

  10. Just a word of warning.
    Please, Please be careful when picking flowers from plants growing wildly.
    The flower that Sacha picked and gave to Story looked very much like an Oleander(Nerium oleander).
    Every part of this plant is poisonous/toxic.
    If ingested this can be fatal, even when dried.

    Also try using the 'Happy Cow' app for vegan/vegetarian/vegan friendly food restaurant options.

  11. Thank you so so much for making this video! I am planning my trip to Lisbon to visit my sister. She already told me that it would be difficult to find gluten-free food options in Lisbon. That statement put me on full alert. So I am now doing a research on cafes and restaurants that offer gluten-free dishes. Your video just made my life so much easier! God bless!

  12. My vegan friends are going in September. So i will be showing them your Video. Thank you.

  13. Though I find your videos very good and I usually enjoy it, I was this time somewhat disappointed. As a Portuguese who is proud of the Portuguese food and table culture, I'm afraid to tell you that there were hardly any Portuguese food to see in the video. What we could see in the video was typical tourist trap food. The only Portuguese food I've seen, was the fish barbecue, I could almost smell it.

    If I may advise you, for real Portuguese food in Lisbon, go to the areas faraway from the tourist spots or better, stay out of Lisbon and go restaurants in small villages anywhere in Portugal, there the food will be Portuguese, tasty and much cheaper. Or better even, let yourself get invited by Portuguese friends to a Portuguese home, where you'll get 100% homemade Portuguese food.

  14. Loved it…great video..I have two mature daughters..but it was only ever about chips….they will tolerate and enjoy other tastes…but what they really want is ' Cheesy Chips'…history always repeats itself….🤣…even now…thirty years on…" can I have cheesy chips Dad "….?…

  15. What a total terrible waste… You're in Portugal, very well know for fish and meat dishes. Among them there are more than enough year round recipes of Cod, we eat the whole bloody pig… even it's entrails (tripeiros, as are called the inhabitants of Porto, come from tripes), we have the meaty, luscious Francesinha (little French girl), and all the voluptuous sea food we're so well known for. It's almost shame you don't eat meat or fish, but hey, your choice and I fully understand that, but… You don't really know how good a bifana really tastes, with an iced cold Imperial as a companion. Glad you enjoyed our vegan restaurants.

  16. Im loving the map feature to know where we are in the world of 8 mile explorations. My work mates found it super useful

  17. I was screaming when u took the "burnt" top of the pastel de nata 😭😭😭😭😱

  18. This two want to become STAY CLASSY? It’s not going to work ! As for Pastéis de nata don’t get started !

  19. Looks delicious ! I know nothing about Portugal except your vids and I am almost pretty much sold on at least a few weeks ! Amanda

  20. "Being a Lisbon "native" myself I feel really sorry to tell u that  the places you went to are little more that turist traps… Unfortunately Lisbon is full of those these days… As vegans your choices are a bit limited it's true because the true Lisbon food is at~ the local caf~s and small restaurantes and at the corner Tascas !!! ~~~~~" <– Couldn't have said it better.

  21. You are both so blessed if you believe you have sampled the best of Lisbon food. That’s how I read your title. You are blessed because you have so much more to discover in great Portuguese food.

  22. Beautiful production – well done. What a shame about all the graffiti in Lisbon.


  24. A nice vlog guys but must admit I am missing your normal everyday vlogs – you just being you at home x

  25. "I havent coke for such a long time" Made my ears perk up. lol. Like this style of videos.

  26. I just have to say how cute your mother is jay, she seems like such a nice lady! Lucky for Sasha to have an awesome mother in law! That's not ways the case 😁 she's also doing so good keeping up with you guys walking around everywhere after her surgery! Glad to see you all happy! Thanks for sharing again – Meg from the US

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