VIETNAMESE Food Adventure in Orange County's Little Saigon!

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  1. What’s up Ma Fam! So excited to share today’s food adventure with you. Best Vietnamese food we’ve ever had!! What should we try next!?

  2. Is your wife Vietnamese? She looks more Vietnamese than you eventho you said you have more Vietnamese in your genes LoL!

  3. Try Hui Lau Shan located in Irvine for a healthy but delicious dessert. The whole fam will enjoy this place. Guaranteed!

  4. It comes from Chinese cuisine, even called chow fun. Where are you guys come from? Lunar New Year is the beginning of a calendar year whose months are moon cycles, based on the lunar calendar or lunisolar calendar.

  5. Kudos to you for packing your whole family for your adventures. You have such a beautiful and cute family. Your Vietnamese food adventure made my mouth water. YUM!

  6. Most Vietnamese in America are southern Vietnamese because they're the one fighting with the Americans

  7. God!!! That’s looks so good!!! My mouth was watering. Awesome guys!!! Thanks For the video

  8. Get a juicer so you can use it for other produce other than sugar cane. Wife is pretty, Husband is cute, and kidlets are adorable. Great food reactions! Gotta try some viet dessert.

  9. That's Southern Vietnamese. Northern Vietnamese food is little simple in flavor, they don't put peanuts and garlic.

  10. Ant: ಠ_ಠ See guys! That’s what happens when you’re only 3% Vietnamese.

  11. I realise Leia is willing to try different types of food when you guys are out 😊 makes me happy 😁 Also Enzo's little happy dance while eating.

  12. The flower is called Bong Mai, or Hoa Mai. Its used to decorate to for lunar new year. You see it a lot on embroidery on the traditional viet dresses.

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