UNSEEN BBQ CHICKEN STREET in Hanoi | EXTREME Motorbike STREET FOOD Tour in Hanoi Vietnam

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Today’s episode is all about my motorbike tour experience through airbnb. Lam, my food tour guide, took me to multiple places to try different local foods and hole in the wall finds. Below are the list of places we went to. I will not be including all the details so you can experience the tour yourself and book Lam as your local food guide here ♥

1. Banh Xeo – An order comes with a tranluscent wrap, lettuce,
cucumbers, bananas, and nuoc cham. Since the Banh Xeo is crispy, thin, and big, we cracked it a little bit before wrapping it with all the necessary ingredients. Every bite is full of textures and flavors. Adding the pork bbq just completes it for meat lovers.The nuoc cham is definitely a must to complete the flavor. What a light way to start our night!

2. BBQ Chicken Street – We were greeted by smokes from different stalls. I noticed that they use bigger cuts of meat which
makes it more worth it. All are honey glazed, even the grilled banh mi. The wings and thighs/legs came out fresh from the grill and it was piping hot! The sweetness of the glaze is perfect with the spicy and tangy bbq sauce. It gets more spicy along the way so make sure to eat the complimentary morning glory and get an order of cold kumquat drink! This is truly a hidden gem in Hanoi. I came back twice after this tour. Highly recommended!


3. Steamed Pho – You might have probably watched my 1st episode where I ate these 2 familiar dishes. But according to Lam, this particular restaurant chain is known for their
Pho Cuon(steamed beef pho rolls) and Pho Xao Bo(stir fried beef and veg). In fact, this branch we visited
has another branch extension right in front of it. Both dishes came hot, even the nuoc cham! You know how I like to slurp on it like a soup? I did it again, and I think it’s more
satisfying! The Pho Cuon filling were seasoned perfectly. The stir fried Kale was so fresh and crunchy! They know what they are doing and they do it well here. We were getting a little bit full so we saved some of it to take home.

4. Dessert Place – Coconut ice cream and flan are what we came here for. Both are seen anywhere in the Philippines, so I am quite familiar with the taste. But, every country/region does it differently. So my excitement is still there! Their flan is always served small, more caramelized, and more jelly like in consistency.
It’s surprisingly not sweet! The coconut ice cream was served in a coconut shell so you can eat the entire thing
with shavings on top and flesh on the bottom. Drizzled with chocolate syrup and wafer stick on top. It was
very refreshing! I can imagine having it on a hot sunny day. I hate that it’s not too sweet which made it
easier for us to finish the entire thing. Haha! Don’t judge.

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5. Banh Mi Stall – Lam told me that he’s gonna bring me to his favorite Banh Mi stall. And I am happy he did!
I have had a couple of Banh Mis, and I would say each one is different. But this one was the best, in my
opinion. The quality of the pork used is the main star here. Flavorful on its own which makes the rest
of the few ingredients an addition to a fuller bite. This version has less ingredients for sure, but I like
the minimalist version. Focusing on quality more than quantity.

6. Egg Coffee – We are finally ending our tour in this cafe. This is the most unique thing about Hanoi.
Adding egg on coffee which makes it a dessert coffee. It’s definitely not your ordinary coffee. I personally
prefer dipping the baguette bread on it. If you’re a fan of eating bread with condensed milk, it’s kind of
similar to that. But the texture of the custard was really foamy, marshmallow-y, and creamy. This is the type
that you savor every sip and take your time. I like that it’s also a lot less sweeter than the condensed milk
coffees around. This is a must when in Hanoi!

If you would like to experience the same thing or customize your own tour, click this link ♥ Thank you, Lam! I highly recommend
each places we’ve visited, especially the BBQ Chicken Street! See you all on episode 9 soon!♥♥♥

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  1. I absolutely love your videos because they have a down-home realness to them that other food channels don't tend to have. I think they may have started out with this down-home quality but somehow lost it in their transitioning to a professional Food Channel. I hope as you transition you don't lose it to. Please try hard to keep it! And, also, I just love the facial expressions that you make when you taste something that you really love! Thank you very much and I look forward to your next video…! 👍❤😆

    P. S. Where's that little cutie pie of yours;? I truly missed her in this video and can't wait to see her cutezy baby face again! Believe it or not, she's also quite a big part of your channel's charm, too, when you have her on, cuz she's got such a big personality, just like her mom's. But babies and little kids have a way of doing "them", and bringing their own surprising, sometimes hilarious and unbelievable "stuff" to the table, too, don't they?! They can be just amazing. She's just amazing! And if you feel comfortable sharing it, what is her first name?

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