Trentino Italy Food Tour – The best Italian Food?

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Eating Italian Food and meeting local producers in Trentino! Settle in for an adventure of discovering the Italian Cuisine bite by bite.

This Vlog is sponsored by Visit Trentino:

I am so excited to share all the cheese, wine, Italian cooking and mountain adventures with you all!

Garda Trentino:
Comano Terme:
Delicious Italian Bread at Panem:
Italian Coffee at Omkafe:
Cooking Class:
Olive Oil Production:
Balsamic Vinegar Production:
Happy Cow Farm:
Kilometro Zero:
Walnut Farm:

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x Sandy

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  1. Omg you are so positive and nice human been. Where have you been so long? Go to hollywood or something! 😀

  2. as italian i know that if anyone drink 2 dozen of espresso will be result as positive to doping (seriously)

  3. My father is from Trento, honestly I don't like their food. I'm from another region. We have different foods and cuisine based on regions and cities.

  4. use quality Italian ingredients when you cook, it will make the difference!

  5. No, using an old coffee grinder does not make YOU old. It just means that your mother was smart enough to know how to keep her kid busy while in the kitchen 🙂 That's why people save those old pieces of kitchen equipment. You're not old. 🙂

  6. I am italian and if you want to servire in Italy you NEVER have to cut the bread but you must break it with your hands😂

  7. Koala Bears are my favorite animal, but I really like how quiet Elephants are.

  8. I canederli, la polenta e spezzatino o con il coniglio, lo strudel sono le cose principali del Trentino Alto Adige

  9. Good for sure. They are mostly specialized in speck ham, some cheese and they have a lot of kinds of apples. But it's also sure that there are plenty of regions in Italy with a bigger ( and better) enogastronomic culture.

  10. I see your driving in the video's do you recommend travel by car or by Train? We are planning our trip and we are getting mixed messages. What are your thoughts?

  11. I am LOVING this video, reminding me it's been way too long since I've last been to Italy!

  12. Hi, Sandy, brilliant video. The food looked great and the holiday really enjoyable. All the food looked good but the one that looked and sounded best was the crunchy bread at the beginning, I'd love to try that. You make some really interesting and entertaining videos. Looking forward to your next video soon.

  13. Still so close to my place and I haven't met you yet! I'm happy you like it so much….actually as I like so much London too!

  14. OH MY GOD I would never be brave enough to milk a cow !!! ha ha ha ha Sandyyy

  15. Loving the video, so interesting and very well made!! You are such an inspiring person to me, Sandy! thanks for that ❤❤

  16. I do remember graining coffee in those little things. Are they called coffee mills? 😀

  17. Such an excellent quality of the video, I am amazed. And of course it was very interesting! I very much enjoyed it😍❤️🍷 you are very charming person Sandy❤️

  18. such a great video – just makes me want to go to Trentino ASAP and eat my way through Italy!

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