TRADITIONAL HMONG VILLAGE – Cat Cat Village, SaPa, Vietnam | On the way to TV

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Today we are taking you on an amazing walk through traditional Hmong tribe village (Cat Cat Village) nearby SaPa in Vietnam. Beautiful mountains, waterfalls and rice fields surrounding us got a special place in our hearts!

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  1. How can you visit such country they eat cat and boiled them alive there is nothing to see in this fucking country

  2. Love how you avoided the tourist traps and enjoyed the real world/environment there instead.

  3. These are my people. We come from a long history of war and sadness. Thousands of Hmong people died during the Vietnam War. Thank you for this video.

  4. I'm a local Hmong women tour guide in Ta Van village-Sapa. My name is Sue. if everyone have plan come in to Sapa and you would like to book any trekking tour and stay with local family, I'm glad to assist you. My family have a Homestay accommodation in Ta Van also. This is my Address email: [email protected] The details please ckeck on my channel. Thank you so much everyone support I hope I will meet you in the future. Sorry I was comments here.

  5. 21th Century version of "Good Morning Vietnam" should be smthng like "Wassup Vietnam?!"

  6. Love it! Such a stunning video and music went well with it. Actually i love the name of your channel ha that was what made me click on your channel ha

  7. Oh my gosh, it's all so beautiful! Those views are stunning and the shot of the mountains near the beginning is epic. I agree, it's frustrating to see so many market stalls in the small villages aimed at tourists – I saw that a lot in Thailand. I generally say, if a village is open to tourists and you only stay on the main street, you have not seen the real village. To see the real village you have to go behind the scenes to the real houses (which are prettier anyway!).

  8. This place I have visited 6 years ago, but during foggy weather view of rice fields was limited.

  9. Those views are absolutely stunning! You guys look like you're having the most incredible journey!

  10. Looks really beautiful. I like the water system in the village. great job guys

  11. How beautiful. You did a great job capturing the village and the atmosphere. Truly breathtaking!

  12. Looks really interesting, love the clouds in the time lapse. Where are you going next?

  13. Incredible images guys! We always say that good segments begin with the stuff you shoot. As always the question is: when can you put the camera down and just enjoy with your own eyes? I know that in such a gorgeous environment like Sapa we'd be constantly shooting. Sapa looks like one of the most beautiful places in SE Asia, if not the world.

    Tech Question: You link the old lens in your description. Is that the lens you were using currently?

  14. Love your music timing! Vietnam is such a beautiful place and would love to visit it soon!

  15. świetnie byłoby gdybyście w filmie (np. na początku) umieszczali mapkę świata lub regionu świata z punktem gdzie był film kręcony

  16. Sucha a beautiful place! We wouldn't mind staying there a little bit longer. How about you?

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