The Ultimate KENYAN STREET FOOD TOUR in Mombasa – Coastal East African Food, Kenya!

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Mombasa is a beautiful city located in Kenya, on the east coast of Africa. It’s a melting pot of a city, full of culture and delicious food. In this video, I met up with Farhana and Samil, both from Mombasa, and both love to eat.

Lighthouse – First place we headed on this Kenyan street food tour of Mombasa is along the coast called Mama Ngina drive, or Lighthouse. You’ll find an abundance of small snacks along the road with a view over the cliffs of the Indian ocean. Probably my favorite street food was the fried cassava chips, which are fried fresh, put into bags, then seasoned with salt, chili powder, and lime juice.

Here are the main street food snacks we had:
Coconut, heart of palm, cassava – 340 KES ($3.33) total
Cassava chips
Roasted and fried cassava
Sweet potato, corn, many things

Next we headed into the heart of Mombasa to eat from a roadside shop selling a mixture of bhajias, fried potatoes, and fried chilies. This is legendary street food in Mombasa! When you order she puts all the fried things onto a plate and douses them in coconut chutney and hot sauce. The combination is delicious, and my favorite item was the fried chilies.
Bhajia plate combo – 90 KES ($0.88)

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Azad Ice Cream – We then had sugarcane juice, a Mombasa Kenyan favorite. They added sugarcane, plus ginger and lime.

Damascus Shawarma – 200 KES ($1.96) – One of the popular food trucks in Mombasa is Damascus shawarma. It was pretty good.

Abbasi Darbar – To finish off this Kenyan food tour of Mombasa, we ended with a mega meat feast at Abbasi Darbar, a great place to fulfill all your meat needs. We ordered most of what they offer on the menu. Everything was delicious, but I think the winner for me was the spring chicken tikka.
Total price – 1,900 KES ($18.64)

Again, thank you for Farhana for taking me on this amazing Kenyan street food tour of Mombasa, Kenya. Be sure to check out her channel here:


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  1. Born in kilifi, grew up in nyeri, went to college in Mombasa, and lived in Nairobi before relocating to US.

  2. Trouble is I'm in malindi right now and I got no idea where the location of the breakfast he had is. Such a shame

  3. Am from Kenya and am watching this as a foreigner😩😩I have to travel to Mombasa for sure…it's amazing

  4. I was there today. Guys the poor woman is really feeling the strain of rising costs of living. Please support her business and help financially. I did

  5. I like Wien street food all around the world…I just discover it few month ago & I love it

  6. Mark, how do you stay so thin, I only gotta look at the food and I swell. Hahahahhaha. I've relocated to Kenya and I'm planning on visiting Mombasa, I gotta try the food. Good stuff

  7. You should go to taraboosh in mombasa and try the shawarma and biryani

  8. love this guy & his travels but after a few episodes the flow and commentary become soooo repitive

  9. Anyone that gets chili in their eye from now on, you act like this man.. you act like a champ

  10. You guys have appetite Oooh!. Anyway I still love the vlogs from Kenyan Soil🇰🇪

  11. How long ago was this Mombasa trip, did you feel it's safe for an American to be there?

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  13. My gosh he eats like real African. I just love his videos. He is genuinely enjoying these different food.

  14. Love Cassava greens & chicken.
    Would love to try the casaba fried with the spices. Yum oh, I just want to try everything. Really good one Mark🤗👍👍👍👍👍
    Love to Mombasa, Kenya💖
    from US 🇺🇸 Philadelphia PA.

  15. In 2022, me watching this, while on holiday in Mombasa, and taking notes. My son is a street food enthusiast! Just got a surprise visit for him. Lighthouse tomorrow, the bajia street then juice bar… and while he thinks he's seen all of the street food there is to see, boooom! Abbasi !!!!

  16. ‘’Bandaa’’ Swahili East African restaurant in 461 Uxbridge road , Harrow , London

  17. Hello mother is watching you and I want to give you an invite to Ghana Accra Kotoka International Airport 🇬🇭 Africa. Thanks

  18. Kenya especially Mombasa share the same food culture with Tanzania! Everything in here is what we Tanzanians usually eat on the streets!

  19. But mark why don't you add weight I have been big fan for a while you eat different types of foods but still the same size how do you manage it??

  20. I was disappointed with the content of this video. I expected to see Kenyan food not Indian.
    There was nothing of true African food or culture, so disappointing.

  21. I was amazed to see the ethnic diversity in Kenya. Many different cultures and races. Your co host Mark is stunningly beautiful. Wow. More from Kenya thank you.♥️😎👌✌️😋😋

  22. You got it wrong Mark all that you speak of started in Africa not the other way around

  23. Lovely people with a beautiful country….i will like to visit Kenya one day.All those foods and tubers are all the same we eat in Ghana here.Much love from Ghana to you Kenya.

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