Sticky Breakfast in Vietnam | Big Vietnam Street Food Tour

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Sticky Rice | Big Vietnam Street Food Tour
As part of our biggest Vietnam Street Food Tour I carry on in my local city of Nam Dinh. Today I decided on a lighter meal but got more than I bargained for and at only 30,000 VND a portion, well worth it. Join me and my wife as we sample a new experience in Nam Dinh City with a Sticky Rice & pork, sausages and pate.

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  1. That had me craving some pickled mustard greens for the side lol. Is the sausage similar to the cured Chinese sausage?

  2. Wow 😮 this dish is fabulous. Savory, warming, and hardy. The last time I had this was 23yrs ago in Ha Noi on the street in front of my aunts house. Thanks Simon for this memory. 👍👍 Also I had a Fried egg on top.

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