Rome Food Tour at Mercato Testaccio: Prosciutto and Buffalo Mozzarella!

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Day 16: Rome, Italy – One day 16 of our round the world trip, it was our final day in Rome, Italy. We started the day visiting Mercato Testaccio, a delicious food market. After walking around and eating at the market, we then took an easy afternoon, before going to Galleria Borghese and having a delicious Italian dinner to finish the day.

00:38 Mercato Testaccio – Although it was a traditional old market in Rome, Mercato Testaccio has been remodeled and repositioned a couple of times to its current location, which is a modern open air market full of delicious fruits and vegetables and restaurants. It’s a great market for a Italian as it’s a friendly environment and there’s plenty of delicious food.

Fruit stall – First thing Ying and I decided to eat on the Rome food tour of the market is eat some rapes and cherries, which were fantastic. Price – 4.5 EUR ($5.04) total price

Mordi e Vai – Next I went to a food stall called Mordi e Vai, and he specializes in some classic Roman food dishes, which he then adds to sandwiches. I ordered the panino con picchiapo, which was a little plain, but pretty good. Price – 4.5 EUR ($5.04)

La Prosciutteria di Enzo e Lina – The absolute highlight of this Rome food tour at Mercato Testaccio was going to La Prosciutteria di Enzo e Lina and ordering some prosciutto and buffalo mozzarella. Everything was good and the owners are both extremely friendly and helpful. I only wish I could have spoken Italian. The prosciutto was fantastic, but I was really blown away with the quality and taste of the buffalo mozzarella. Prosciutto and mozzarella – 5.5 EUR ($6.16)


Zoé – After having some salty food, I was ready for a juice, so we had an apple lemon juice which was slow pressed, and it was extremely refreshing. Apple lemon juice – 3.5 EUR ($3.92)

Strit Fud – Final stop on this Rome food tour at Mercato Testaccio, and I ordered a Panino con il Lampredotto, some kind of a sandwich stuffed with tripe. It was a little on the plain side for me.
Panino con il Lampredotto price – 7.2 ($8.07)

12:22 Villa Borghese Gardens – After the great food at the market in the morning, we then headed over to Galleria Borghese, where I had pre-booked tickets online. Galleria Borghese is a museum in Rome, and it has some similarities to the Vatican City Museums, but it’s much more low key and not as busy. Especially if you love museums, you’ll love visiting Galleria Borghese in Rome. Online tickets – 14 EUR ($15.69) per person

15:34 Fiaschetteria Marini Restaurant – For dinner, we walked over to an Italian restaurant called Fiaschetteria Marini Restaurant. The family owned restaurant turned out to be a really amazing place, with friendly service, and excellent food. The gnocchi alla Fiaschetteria was particularly delicious, but their mezzemaniche alla Amatriciana was also fantastic. Total price – 34 EUR ($38.10)

It was a leisure day in Rome, we didn’t try to do too much, but we had a great time eating through Mercato Testaccio and our final Italian food meal in Rome.


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  1. Proforma n.1….scontrino non fiscale….si, si, sei in Italia
    Comunque io avrei consigliato la Pajata…you know Pajata?…è merda! come diceva Albertone ( Alberto Sordi in "il marchese del Grillo" per i non Italiani), è merda ma è buona!!!

  2. This is incredible! I need to go there at least once in my life ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  6. That stomach grinder is a no go for me. Surprised how the food in this video really is unappetizing. Seriously. Yuck.

  7. Unfortunately prosciutto and cow Buffalo mozzarella, are not from Rome, they're imported in the town from two different regions: prosciutto from Emilia Romagna and mozzarella from Campania.

  8. I make a saucy meat like that we eat it from a bowl with a fork and homemade bread. My vegan dad couldn't get enough of it. He always said I was the only person whose food he could not resist. I miss him he died on my birthday in 2015.

  9. Thank you for this everything looks so majestic. The food looks so delicious 😋

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  12. The best of the food videos and great travel destinations, so happy for your impressions, Mark! Would never get to see all of these places otherwise.

  13. Hey Mark, panino col Lampredotto is typical of Florence, you might enjoy it more if you'll ever go there! And next time, mozzarella and prosciutto together in your mouth please! Great videos all the time, thank you!

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  17. the mozzarella di bufala you had is from Naples or near the area and is water buffalo's milk. not cow's milk. If you ever go back to rome let me know. You seem to have forgotten Pajata. I'll take you. Love your vids man!!! hope to see you in Bangkok also as soon as borders open up. Would you take me on a food tour? I've been there a few times before and love it. I know some, but I'm sure there's lots I don't know too . Fantastic work man!!

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