Riding Vietnam in style with great hotels and food!︱Vietnam Motorbike Tours

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Exploring the very best of the real and accommodation with the Asia ride experts, you will see this wonderful southeast Asian country in all her beauty. Enjoy stunning views and experience the rich culture of Vietnam, all from the seat of a motorbike with Jason Thatcher’s tours to adventure riding through towns like Hanoi and Nha Trang! As you carve your way through the best country back roads of the Central Highlands and Ho Chi Minh Trail, a Vietnam Motorbike Tour in Asia will prove to you exactly why this is regarded and reviewed as the best food and accommodation in South East Asia! Vietnam Motorbike Tours in Asia are designed by riders, for riders wanting to see the true culture and beauty of this wonderful southeast Asian country. VMT tours are designed specifically not to feel like your typical guided bus tour. We offer you the freedom to check things out along the way and to move at your own pace, letting you really discover this truly amazing country and its many friendly inhabitants. Just google ‘vietnam motorbike tour asia’ to see more of our stuff. Vietnam Motorbike Tours is a dedicated adventure tour company founded by Jason Thatcher, an expert Australian adventure rider into good accommodation and food. To this day, VMT is still owned and operated by himself and his wife Trang Vu and is a fully registered and licensed motorcycle Tour Operator, specialising in fully supported professional tours throughout Vietnam. Vietnam Motorbike Tours motorcycles are kept in top condition and are always serviced and maintained to Western standards, all with current road taxes paid and limited 3rd party cover for Vietnam.

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The VMT team are highly experienced motorcycle riders and guides, with perfectly fluent English language abilities, and the very best local knowledge of Vietnam’s many remote areas. Riding adventure at its best – Vietnam offers the best road touring in Southeast Asia! Join VMT and like-minded riders from around the globe for some truly amazing motorbike adventures in Vietnam. In fact, many of our riders consider our VMT tours to be their all time best ride ever! We ride the roads and see the Vietnam sights that mainstream tourism is yet to discover… Sadly this won’t last forever, so join us soon to ensure your opportunity to adventure ride some of the best country back roads in southeast Asia! VMT has also been featured in a number of motorcycling magazines including Cycle Torque and Australian Motorcycle News. Jason Thatcher’s Vietnam Motorbike Tour in Asia have also been featured heavily on the Australian adventure/lifestyle TV show ‘Blokesworld’. Vietnam is one of the safest countries in Asia, however, small scams can happen so you still need to aware. Beware of copycat tour operators using “Vietnam Motorbike Tours” in their information and even copying sections of our website and photos. We always go the extra mile when it comes to both expert motorbike quality and service, and we can assure you that you will always be treated as a friend, not a number. Vietnam Motorbike Tours was founded in 2007 by Jason Thatcher. Since 2007, Jason Thatcher and the dedicated team have been showing motorbike riders from around the globe the very best of the real Vietnam. Vietnam Motorbike Tours headquarters are located in the stunning seaside town of Nha Trang, just a 40 minute flight north of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. Nha Trang is the perfect place to start your motorbike tour, and places towns like Hanoi and Hue far from the busy traffic of the major cities. Nha Trang is also conveniently located close to the Central Highlands, a must for any rider wanting to see the real Vietnam!Motorbike damage cover options are also available. adventure riders should hold a motorcycle license from their home country and hold an international driver/rider permit, which has recently become recognized for Vietnam tours.Great mountain roads and many small remote villages, along with stunning countryside views. Ben, better known for his work as a TV host on long-running Australian lifestyle TV show ‘Blokesworld,’ is a well-known expert adventure rider throughout the motorcycling industry, with 40+ years riding experience and an experienced VMT guide. Jason Thatcher’s Vietnam Motorbike Tours in Asia offer the real deal in top quality motorcycle touring and Asian adventure riding. VMT booking and planning managers Ben and Renee have been part of of the Vietnam Motorbike Tours team for over nine years, offering expert advice and service.
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  1. Vietnam is open for riding! Email us at [email protected]gmail.com to register for updates on upcoming tours. And secure your seat fast, they'll go quickly! More info? Visit our website or see the vids below.

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