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In this video we head out to explore the area around our Air BnB. We are staying right in the heart of Georgetown with all of the best sites to see within walking distance. A dream comes true for Claire and we eat some incredible food during a fantastic .

Link to the food tour:

We highly recommend you consider doing a food tour right at the start of your visit to Penang, the island has an amazing history and incredible food that is world renowned.

Stay tuned for more videos from Georgetown, Penang!

It’s our first time in Malaysia and we love it! The food, the people, the way of life, it’s all great! Stay tuned for more videos of our time here in Malaysia

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  1. Hey everyone. Merry Christmas to all of you, we hope you have a fantastic and special day with loved ones. Thanks for tuning in to another video. We were blown away by the incredible food on this food tour and highly recommend doing a food tour in Penang. Georgetown has a very interesting history and mix of influences that have lead to the awesome tasting food and heritage it has today. Let us know your thoughts below and we’ll catch you in the next one!😄

  2. I’m so hungry now ahhh loadshedding . I wanna do that food tour in future but I’m hungry 🤤

  3. I literally stayed i penang for almost a year, and I never knew about this place until now

  4. Wait so the whole time I went to Penang every year, there's a shop that I wanted to exist all my life???!!!!

  5. Food in India is great but yeah I miss Penangs food…simply amazing

  6. Great video. I love Penang, spent a month there in 2015 and a few days this past April. Don't forget to check out Penang Hill. The view is awesome. (but don't try to walk down.. It's brutal on a hot day.) KekLokSi temple is also a must

  7. Claire yr dreams come true Stunning and love the video and the music is amazing

  8. Another GREAT Vlog, Rhett and Claire. Love the part in the video where you follow Claire through the streets into Potterhead, really nice editing skills there my brother. Amazing to see how the different religious backgrounds culminate into one's place place of worship, and yet continue to live in peace and harmony. WOW.

  9. Hey, u guys looks like has a nice couple on every trip video! Merry Christmas to both of you! And how many days u in Penang? Just want to tell u a few most best destination in Penang and don't miss it if u can. Go up Penang hill as u can see the view of The Whole island. Go to gurney drive area for shopping and stay outside there in about 6:30pm to see a sunset. Kok lek si temple. Batu feringgi for its beaches. Komtar tower for shopping and walking on the glasses on top of roof. And Penang 3D art museum. For breakfast I think u should try somewhere at Penang coffee or it's up to you. Lunch, I would like to recommend you to eat at Kapitiam restaurant and u MUST order "Chicken tandoori with naan"its absolutely heaven. And dinner, u can try best Penang burger. If u want something like pork burger, I can go at "spades burger" and if u want something like beef and monster burger, u can go at "Rockstarz burger" these two burgers restaurant are awesome and it will made ur day! Btw I'm really enjoying watch ur world tour blog and enjoy ur holiday trip!

  10. You should check out the penang peranakan mansion as their architecture is very unique and beautiful! They do a tour as well and it is really informative.

  11. Again.first to like n first to comment..woohooo.. hei guys… nice vlog as always…

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