One Day in Hanoi, Vietnam | Ngày đầu tiên Hà Nội mở cửa hàng ăn

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Today is the first day Hanoi allows restaurants, coffee shops, and barbershops to open after one month of social distancing during the 4th wave of the outbreak. I’m so happy to go out and support local businesses that are being financially affected by Covid19. Let’ follow me to see what I do in a day in Hanoi. I will show you a bunch of good food in Hanoi and popular places in this beautiful city. Hope you enjoy watching my video!

Caption Credit: Trang Thuỳ

Restaurants I went to:
Banh gio (Pyramid rice dumpling)
Address: Bánh cuốn Phượng, 17 Ô Quan Chưởng
Price: $40/plate ($2)

Kem Trang Tien (near Hoan Kiem lake)

Bún đậu mắm tôm (Fermented shrimp paste with noodles)
Address: 29/31 Hàng Khay, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội
Price: 80,000/regular ($4) 130,000/ special for 2 people ($6)

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Hey, I’m Van Vu from Vietnam! I’m gonna show you a BUN CHA good food besides PHO (Hope you like the joke :)) I love sharing Vietnamese luxury hotels, unique food, and especially our culture. I strongly believe that the world will be a better place if we know each other’s culture. Learn more about me here:

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  1. When I was in Vietnam in 1969, I had some real cheap housing, it was called a FOXHOLE!

  2. Chưa bao giờ đến Hà Nội nhưng khi nào có dịp đến Hà Nội hy vọng sẽ được đi ăn chung với em nhá 😍!

  3. I have been wanting to travel to vietnam. could you recommend or do you know any guide service to visit the different cities.

  4. A cup of fresh pressed sugar cane juice in Los Angeles is $6. Love your videos.

  5. This is a beautiful and well-prepared video. My original plans were to travel into the country of China first, but you were slowly making me think of Vietnam first?

  6. I hit the like button as the video is starting because of all the food porn to follow.

  7. I wonder if anyone can provide information about the two Chinese assembly halls in Hanoi, as in whether they are open to the public, and if so their opening hours. From what I've seen, they were converted into schools after 1979, but now the schools have moved to new locations, and the assembly calls have been restored. Based on online information and Google translate, the Fujian Assembly Hall is located at 40 Lan Ong, and he Canton Assembly Hall is located at 22 Hang Buom. If they are open to public, I would like to visit them the next time I am in Hanoi.

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