ONE DAY IN DA NANG: Travel Guide (Things to Do in Da Nang)

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Da Nang is a beautiful beach city in Central Vietnam and has so many things to do! Come along for a comprehensive, detailed guide on things to do and how to spend one day in Da Nang!

Many people immediately leave Da Nang to visit nearby Hoi An, but there is a lot to discover in the beautiful, bustling city.

What are the best things to do in Da Nang? Is Da Nang expensive? Where is the best shopping in Da Nang? Where should you get amazing authentic Vietnamese street food in Da Nang? What are the Marble Mountains? What is Monkey Mountain? When is the Da Nang Dragon Bridge (Love Bridge) fire show? What is the best night market in Da Nang?

All these questions answered as we bring you One Day in Da Nang!

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Da Nang was a lot of fun to explore and it was fun to capture things to do with one day in Da Nang! We’re always looking forward to learning more things about Da Nang! Although a lot of things were covered in this video, eating delicious Vietnamese food at Con Market, visiting the Marble Mountains, and visiting Linh Ung Pagoda on Monkey Mountain were the most notable experiences in Da Nang! Let us know if you’ve ever been to Da Nang when you were in Vietnam and if you’ve visited any of these spots!

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  1. Good memories of Da Nang! We stayed at "a la Carte too!" Monkey mountain is a beautiful walk around. Thanks for the video!!

  2. Wow, great video Philcaela – I didn't know much about Da Nang – loved the part of Marble Mountain… Huyen Khong Cave reminded me so much of Batu Caves in KL… I didn't know Da Nang had such sites…. added to my list when I get there, thanks a lot 🙂

  3. So fun to know and watch your channel… May i know what type or model of your camera.?. looks so clear, thank youu 🙂

  4. I feel like I’m being slap with info after info watching this. Not that I’m complaining 😂

  5. I would take it a little slower but your videos are so full of frenetic energy and informative like a wild carpet ride.

  6. Nchoooo ooh my favorites are back . Keep up the good work guys we appreciate. Greetings from South Africa

  7. Back again with a dope video!! Keep up the great content. It's a good mix of commentary and short clips.
    My trip is gonna be centered around your tips 😀

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