My wife's Hmong Photo Shoot BEHIND the Scenes Sapa Vietnam 🇻🇳

Bạn đang xem video: My wife's Hmong Photo Shoot BEHIND the Scenes Sapa Vietnam 🇻🇳 được tổng hơp từ trang ẩm thực

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Thẻ : fat and broke,vietnam,sapa

Chủ đề: food tour sapa

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  1. I reckon you soooo could live stream from the hills of SAPA. My daughter face timed me from the middle of nowhere north of Hanoi, when she was on a student nursing placement with her university from Australia, at a women's clinic in the mountains. Reception in VN is astonishing.
    Stay frosty 🍺

  2. Ur wife with several other woman at same time. Do u have an ability to perform several times a day? Ur wife may not be able to handle younger woman.

  3. i laughed my ass off bud when Wyn Wyn says she'll turn the camera so nobody can see your titties. only she can. HAHAHA

  4. Great vlog man epic place, can you maybe review a xr150 and crf250 I'm looking to hire from hanoi, can rent in saigon as well, think you are the best man for that job,cheers

  5. Since Wyn got you on camera with your bewbies out, i say its pay back and you catch out Wyn with her bewbies out

  6. GREAT vid. Love the interaction between you and Wyn Wyn. And you don't look like a retard. I took one for the team and dressed up in a king's outfit when I was in Hue. WAY out of my comfort zone, but, looking back it was super fun.

  7. I just had a question but first off I'm new to the channel and I've been enjoying watching you .so my question is I'm living on 1169 from the ont government in canada but it's near impossible . Do you think I could live on 900 us a month. If I lived super cheap buying groceries living in a 200 a month studio could I still live and save 200 or 250

  8. This is your best yet. Stunning scenery and very interesting experience. Never heard of this place. Hanging for more.

  9. I am not sure why you don't wear traditional clothes more often – it's a must in my view. Just because it's your home it's not just for tourists to carry off. Head up shoulders back, own it – and wear them more in Saigon.

  10. Loving the evolution of your channel as we come out of Covid, brother. Really good stuff. 🔥

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