My Turkish Kitchen Tour With Dining Balcony In Istanbul

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Here is the kitchen tour you’ve been asking for! I wanted to keep it natural with details and tips for cheap organizing ideas. Hope you enjoy it!
Here are the videos I mentioned in the episode:
How To Make Red Pepper Paste:
How To Make Tomato Paste:
No-Cook Cornelian Cherry Marmalade:
Belen Tava Menu: (Pouring Butter Sauce Over Soups)
Ancient Tarhana Soup:

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  1. What I can say never see soooooo organised kitchen and clean you teach us a lot bravooo Loved

  2. Ur home and kitchen looks so comfortable and homely, can see your love and dedication towards ur family in every corner of you house…

  3. I have the same IKEA grater system that I bought in Canada at least 20 years ago.

  4. I like it because your so neat and well organised and the kitchen is big for instanbul

  5. I absolutely love your videos 😀 I had a question and it may be something you can help me with. I live in Antalya where it gets reallly hot, have noticed in the hot weather all the food in my pantry like flour, legumes, nuts etc all get really weird bugs or moths in them! I don’t understand how as I transfer everything from the packet into really well sealed glass jars and bottles and keep the pantry very clean. I was wondering if you ever get this problem in the summer? And any ideas of how to get rid/prevent the bugs.

  6. Love Love love 🥺🥺🥺 INSHALLAH One I came turkey 🤟😍♥️💯🥺🥺🥺 Say Ameeen plzzz.

  7. OMG 😮 😮 😲 your kitchen is absolutely gorgeous. You are so neat. Hello from São Paulo, Brazil.

  8. Gerçekten çok güzel bir mutfağınız var Ayşenur Hanım hayırla ve huzurla oturun inşâÂllâh

  9. Hi
    I am your new subscriber,
    I really thank you because of your effort to do all the best.
    your wall posters are beautiful too, plz let me know about them,

  10. I absolutely love your kitchen! Thank you so much for sharing all that you do. You clearly put so much hard work into these videos. May Allah continue to bless your home and fill Zainab’s life with endless success, Ameen 🌹

  11. You have lovely kitchen and so are the dishes prepared in it! I have a practical question, since just recently we moved to a new place with ceramic tiles like in your kitchen. Is it practical to use the knife magnet and hanging hooks on such tiled wall? I am a bit apprehensive to put nails in it, but I have same items to organize my knives and gadgets, from my old kitchen 😀 I guess the tiles would not chip from the nails in it?

  12. Your kitchen's layout and storage is ideal for cooking. The dining/balcony area is incredible. Thank you very much for sharing your space.

  13. Hola que bella es su cocina y debe ser muy agradable comer mirando por el balcon con tan impresionante vista! Muchas gracias por mostrar su casa. Saludos y bendiciones.

  14. Masha'Allah Masha'Allah Masha'Allah beautiful kitchen. I really dream of having this kind of kitchen 😍 ..May god bless you 😙😙😙💞💞

  15. Peaceful beautiful and romantic. I love your kitchen the view is espectacular so 😍

  16. Wow
    It's beautiful
    I am shy to show my kitchen, after looking at yours
    You are so organized

  17. Thank you for sharing an honest, natural looking kitchen. When you are someone who loves to cook and try new recipes, you can not always have everything perfect. The balcony looks so homey and I’m sure many great family memories are created there.

  18. I love watching your videos. I am Turkish American living in US, my mom's family is in Gebze. I've only been able to visit them once, but your apartment reminds me so much of being there. Your food gives me warm memories. Take care 😊

  19. Could you please make a video on full house tour…. because i like 2 rooms siiting room and bedroom side by side as it was in yemin( the promise) serial room of Emir and Rehan

  20. First time to see you 🥰
    Very nice view which part of Istanbul is this

  21. A well organized kitchen. It's beautiful the heart of the home! It is where family life happens every day. Love from America!

  22. All turkish kitchen and homes are so impeccably clean and organised!!! They clean EVERYTHING. I mean not one spot of dirt or grease can u ever find

  23. I love it and I’m jealous , you are so organized . I’m a mess all over .

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