Italian Food Tour! Eating Prosciutto, Pasta, and Panini in Rome, Italy!

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***Filmed before the COVID-19 outbreak***
Hello friends! Our 4th day in Rome is packed full of delicious Roman food and interesting sights! We start off our day with a leisurely stroll through the , an ancient ruin of a racecourse where you really need to use your imagination.

Lunch takes us to a legendary sandwich shop in the heart of Mercato Testaccio called Mordi & Vai. They have a ton of Roman-style flavours to fill your panini and most importantly they’re incredibly tasty! No market stop is complete without buying some prosciutto and mozzarella. We got some to bring back to the apartment to snack on.

For dinner, we decided to hit up a legendary Roman restaurant called Osteria Da Fortunata. The main star is their handmade pasta and of course, we had to get 4 to feast on! We finish off the night with some great artisan gelato at Fatamorgana. They have a good variety of flavours and their gelato is made in-house with all-natural ingredients! A perfect post-dinner sweet snack.


0:00 – Intro
0:42 – Circus Maximus
2:29 – Sandwiches at Mordi & Vai
6:38 – Aventine Hill
9:19 – Prosciutto and Mozz Time!
12:15 – Pasta at Osteria Da Fortunata
16:43 – Gelato at Fatamorgana
20:25 – Outro

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  1. So excited for my trip in June. My mouth waters watching your videos 😋
    That pasta looked amazing and the Gelato looks delicious. Wait did you pay €18 for 4 scoops? Or did I misread that? Anyway all of the places in your vlogs are pretty much on my hit list. I'm currently losing 5lbs of weight so I can eat it back when I arrive 😂

  2. stumbled across yer videos yesterday as I am going to venice,florence and Rome next month.Great content.Keep up the fantastic work and greetings from the south of Ireland

  3. You can buy prosciutto, mozzarella and other cheese on local outdoor markets, you have them in every village and they will be even cheaper, I always try to visit local markets and buy fresh products there, incredibly cheap. You can even buy a sandwich on those markets for a few euros, and they're huge sandwiches filled with high quality fresh ingredients, and for no more than 4 or 5 euro. Italy can be very cheap if you buy on these local markets

  4. in Italy we like good hard-crust bread!! soft bread is for children and it tastes like nothing
    moreover… italian food is regional! you can't eat pesto in rome, you gotta eat it in genova!

  5. Prosciutto and mozzarella is my favourite combo 😍
    Okay… just conquered a new follower 😂

  6. I am so hungry just watching you eating 🤤
    Anyway Hiiii from Rome ❤️

  7. Ma non ho capito una cosa; ti mangi la cacio e pepe , l'amatriciana e gli gnocchi con il caffè???
    E il cameriere non ti ha detto Niente?
    Forse mi sbaglio.

  8. I'm obsessed with Italian grub way too much!! Thanks for uploading this I’m going to have to share this with my girl. I need to learn how to cook! This looks sooo good can I get a bite? Haha just kidding but great content. I actually upload on my youtube channel about Italian related things, actually I talk about a lot of Italian food in our comedy sketches. We aren't getting that much attention like you do. Any feedback would be appreciated! I subscribed to your channel, maybe you'd want to do the same? Let's collab on something though message me on Instagram @servidiohs we'd love to feature you on our channel.

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