BEST BEACH IN VIETNAM – Nha Trang Beach & Walking Street

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What’s the best beach in Vietnam? The beautiful Nha Trang Beach and walking street is definitely the most popular of the Vietnam beaches. We’ll show you around Nha Trang beach, Nha Trang walking street, and the popular Louisiane Brewhouse.

Nha Trang Vietnam is a 7km beach that is a huge tourist destination with both Vietnamese and Russian tourists. As one of the best beaches in Vietnam, Nha Trang is a highly developed beach town filled with bars, restaurants, nightlife, and white sand beaches. Surprisingly, for as busy as Nha Trang is, it’s beaches water is crystal clear and very clean. We were impressed!

Our first stop on Nha Trang beach was the Louisiane Brewhouse, a microbrewery in Vietnam. We rented 2 beachside lounge chairs for $3 total for the entire day! As far as Vietnam beaches go, Nha Trang has the appeal of a European beach destination with all of the amenities you could ever ask for. A lot of locals also take their vacation in Vietnam to Nha Trang beach as it’s only an hour flight away from Saigon. This makes Nha Trang one of the beaches near Saigon that is easiest to access.

We stopped back to our hotel only two blocks away from the Nha Trang to take a quick dip in our infinity pool. The hotel we stayed at was called the Nagar Hotel and our room was $50 usd per night including a balcony and free breakfast each morning. We loved it!


Next stop was to walk the streets and explore the Nha Trang walking street. Basically, the entire three blocks in along the beach makes up all of the Nha Trang nightlife, restaurants, and bars in the area. As Nha Trang is the biggest beach in Vietnam, there is plenty to do once the sun sets. The area is quite the party town, popular among the Nha Trang Saigon tourist and Russian tourists alike.

If you have any Vietnam travel plans, make sure to add Nha Trang to your list if you are interested in experiencing a classic beach holiday. There are large resorts across the bay like the Vinpearl Nha Trang resort that are more suited for a quiet relaxing vacation than a beach party. We hope you liked this travel vlog in Nha Trang and make sure to tune into our series, as we have many other videos! Thanks for watching and we hope you liked watching our vacation in Vietnam. Seeya!

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  1. Beach in Nha trang is shit with a super noisy busy motor high way just along.

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  8. How would you compare Ana Trang Beach to White Beach in Boracay? You two rocking it on your vids by the way !!

  9. i used to study at nha trang 4 years…that is wonderful beach city…i love that moment

  10. These beautiful people have convinced me to go to Vietnam as soon as Australian borders open. 👍🏼

  11. ive missed out being in Nha Trang twice in the last 18 months, Literally checking the news to see if Vietnam is open every other day. (next time i go back ill be staying for 3 months to make up for it)

  12. My goodness…this guy really have bad luck, this girl is so annoying!.
    Can’t listen to her. Geez,

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