Best BBQ Restaurant in Nha Trang 🇻🇳

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Chủ đề: food tour nha trang

Thẻ : fat and broke

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  1. Thank you so much for the kind words. Wished we had been there to meet and say hi. Please drop us a line next time you're in Nha Trang. It has been a tough year, our team/family can not be more appreciative of your kind words and support. Take care and stay safe. <3 Kane, Marian, and the LIVIN Family.

  2. That's a beautiful looking brisket sandwich 🥪 I'm hanging for one now 🤠

  3. @fat and broke
    Thank you for the video clip with the loud noise of rain, it may bother someone but it reminds about my childhood in NT. I will pass your review about Livin BBQ to others and we will visit there next year.
    The stock market is doing so well now in US. I am making money but I feel so broke. You are not broke man.
    I enjoy the video and I just subscribed your channel. I hope that next year I can get out of work and travel soon.

  4. You made me hungry and thanks. I've been trying to get to Nha Trang for over a year but entry restrictions have not let it happen. I will definitely check out the restaurant when I do get there and thanks for a great video.

  5. Didn't plan on going back to Nha Trang but after seeing this food i might have to make an exception lol

  6. oh yell yeah. bar-b-Qqqqqq! man oh man that did look good. my fav type of food. they way you went after the sandwich i was surprised you didn't bite your fingers.

  7. Nice to see restaurants that's not Vietnamese some times. Wish you interview those girls next to you to hear what life is like for them.

  8. WOW, noisy rain! Sounds like a monsoon. And a jaw-breaker of a sandwich!! Great looking fries, perfectly crisp and they look more like Steak Fries. Great review!

  9. Chris, could you repost the name of the beer you had, I couldn't make it out when you spoke it?

  10. It looks like that smoker is something you'd see in a Southern BBQ joint here in the USA.

  11. Chris every time I watch your videos it’s de ja vu. Hitting up all the places I used to visit

  12. I Remember This Place From The Last Time. BBQ Looks So Yummy Is That The ONLY 1??

  13. I think my other comment on the last video might have been removed for posting a link, but I saw in the news that a lot of places decided to open again today in khanh hoa province (nha trang). Also saw the same annoucement for HCMC just now. As expected it will be based on the risk level of each area. Some great news. They mention "educational activities" too so I'm hoping thats good for me as a teacher.

  14. I ate at that joint in 2018. Solid food and a very cool restaurant/location. The rest of Nha Trang was disappointing. Easily my least favorite city in VN. Thanks for the video.

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