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After teaming up with Get Your Guide for an epic tour of Little Havana in Miami, I headed north to beautiful West Palm Beach to join them on a mind-bending food tour of the city. Come with me as I go on an unforgettable West Palm Beach food tour!

My friends at Get Your Guide offer thousands of incredible tours, which you can book on their website. This diverse tour would take me around the downtown area and feature everything from French to Colombian to Jamaican food!


I met my guide, Kristi, who lives in the area. We started with a south Florida staple: a guava and cream cheese pastelito! They’re super crispy and flaky, with sweet guava and creamy cheese on the inside.

Our first stop was Avocado Grill, a beautiful farm-to-table restaurant with a tropical vibe and super high ceilings. In the kitchen, I met Adam, who’d be making me some grilled mahi mahi tacos with avocado, fruit salsa, cilantro, and crema. While they worked on that, I met Ingrid at the bar, who made me a passionfruit margarita.

My mahi mahi taco was packed with filling. I loved the soft tortilla and the abundance of fish, tropical fruit, and cabbage. It starts falling apart as you eat it, so you finish it with a fork and knife. The fish was so fresh!


The passionfruit margarita was incredible, fruity, and tropical! The salt around the rim of the glass put it over the top!

Our next stop was Pistache, a French-style bistro. Inside, I tried a French pear martini. It was all alcohol but fruity and floral. The restaurant had an authentic bistro feel that took me back to my time in France.

I’d be eating a popular brunch item, the croque monsieur, which is a grilled sandwich with gooey melted cheese, bechamel, and ham on brioche bread. It’s super creamy and luxurious and is like a bite of France!

It came with some delicious pomme frites, or French fries. They were nice and crispy, and not oily at all!

Next, we passed by a lot of street art by a Brazilian artist by Cobra on our way to Silento Coffee. It’s a mom-and-pop coffee shop where they showed me how they make Colombian coffee! They make their tinto brew one cup at a time, but it’s super high quality and worth the wait!

I enjoyed the coffee with some cheesy pom de bono, which is a sweet and salty cheese bread. The coffee wasn’t as bitter as regular coffee.

Then, we headed to Kapow down the main restaurant street. It’s full of comic book-style décor and has a bar and dining area. At the bar, they made me a blueberry lavender mojito. The blueberries soak in vodka for three days! It was super strong, and the blueberries tasted like vodka!

In the kitchen, I watched them build my Bento box. They made me some chicken lo mein, General Tsao cauliflower. The cauliflower had a tangy sweet and spicy sauce on it. I also had a Szechwan-style pot sticker and a Thai doughnut with condensed milk and raspberry lychee sauce. It was so sweet!

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The five-veggie fried rice contained chicken, mushrooms, eggs, scallions, and onions. It was too good!

We finished up at Ganache Bakery, where they make lots of snacks using coconut! I started with some refreshing coconut water and ate the meat inside. They also use fresh tamarinds to make tamarind juice.

Then, I had their key lime pie. The whipped cream on top was so fluffy and the pie was delicious!

And that’s it for my West Palm Beach food tour!

Where have you been?

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  1. Which of all the drinks you tried was your favorite? 🍸🍹☕

  2. "Even Jamaican"? It's a lot closer to Florida than France bro! LOL. I've watched many of these WPB vids as I'm considering moving there but none have any panache. Mostly fusion wackness.

  3. Thanks for exploring our flavorful downtown! You were in great hands and went to some local favorites.

  4. That’s my brother Cornelius yessss show them what you know!!!!

  5. Love your videos for better getting to know our local South Florida! 🌴 ☀️ It’s nice to have new places to try and an idea what to order. 😎

  6. Thank you for letting me share my city, my neighborhood, my favorite restaurants and my chef friends with you!

  7. I absolutely love all of these local Florida neighborhood and food tours! I can watch these all day long! They make me really interested to visit Florida.

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  9. Lovely Dave… Just like our South Indian Coconuts.. Loved Asian diner with Blueberry Lavender cocktail.

    Pradeep Rajkumar.
    Pollachi, Tamilnadu-South India

  10. It’s awesome how much one can learn by having a knowledgeable guide. Great idea David. Those history lessons were very informative. Besides being a good guide, she’s a nice person 👍

  11. Now this I can enjoy, I lived in West Palm Beach before moving to Port Saint Lucie, now living in Pereira Colombia 14 years, David I visited Salento a view times for lunch, beautiful town! 🌴🤠👍

  12. The diff between between Ghana and South Florida is that u don't get a glass to drink coconut water in Ghana which I think tastes best.

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