Bạn đang xem video: VIETNAM FIRST CLASS OVERNIGHT TRAIN (13 Hours Nha Trang to Hue) được tổng hơp từ trang ẩm thực

Today I rode a first class train 13 hours from Nha Trang to Hue, Vietnam. It was a memorable experience and I really enjoyed the train:) (besides the toenails that is!!

Vietnam has quickly become one of my favorite countries and I can’t wait to share more videos!!

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  1. I would rather take the airplane, because an one-way ticket costs around $34 and the fly takes around 1 hour to Hue.

  2. Bring along the bed sheet next time if you wish to take that train again remember my suggestion

  3. Hey man you don’t know many people dead travel by bus to north . Watch out

  4. Let me show you cảm ơn : thank you ngon quá : delicious bao nhiêu :how much

  5. Cảm ơn bạn đã yêu mến đất nước chúng tôi. 🥰

  6. Thank you for coming to our country :heart: hope that u always have memorable trips in here

  7. So excited, even Vietnamese like me still not discover by train around 113 hours from Nha Trang to Hue.

  8. Không đồng ý về vấn đề tàu hiện đại hay tàu củ. Vân đe VE SINH/SẠCH SẼ/NGAN NAP không có liên quan gì đến hiện đại hay không hiện đại. Do day, không sạch sẽ là không thể chấp nhận được. Ngụy biện quá sẽ không bao giờ cai thiện được nhé bạn !!!

  9. You're really open to try new things, I love it. I think that's the only way you can experience new cultures to the fullest.

  10. Hope you enjoyed Nha Trang where I was born and grew up. In fact, I am heading there to visit my family in two weeks. Have a wonderful time in Hue and safe travels.

  11. If I were you I would take a bus instead of a train. You should find out more details about a form of transportation and a better solution . Safety and healthy should consider when traveling especially driving a motobike in Vietnam needs experience to be safe.

  12. Been a long time since I took a train here. I just can’t stand it. I really respect people especially tourists who dare to use the toilets there lol.

  13. Very interesting video! Thanks for sharing your experience. Even tho I may never make it to any of the places you go, I love watching the ways of different countries. It's so interesting to me how different every place is in so many ways. Like the food, the culture, the prices, the way everything runs, I mean literally pretty much everything is different. I find it pretty amazing how flexible you are to it all too. I feel some people would be in complete culture shock. But you guys always just go with the flow it seems like and take it all as it is. It's truly inspiring to watch. So again, thanks for sharing everything you do!

  14. That hotel looked awesome at the end. After that bumpy ride, I’m sure you slept well. Thanks for sharing the adventure. Looking forward to the next video

  15. This is not even Vietnam's first class train. Vietnam's first class trains would have only two beds in one room and no upstairs-bed in the room.

  16. Enjoy the experience of the 20th century train ride Mani! I still remember the time as a little kid I rode a coal fired locomotive train from Sài Gòn to Nha Trang with my mom in 1979.

  17. The train is nasty not sure why they told you take your shoes off, maybe they meant while you on the bed take your shoes off perhaps ?

  18. You should learn to ride a bike and do the Ha Giang Loop as Tim and Fin's hour long video on it is so freaking cool along with their cave video. Are you planning on going to Phu Quoc, Da Lat, or Ninh Binh? On the edge of my seat to see what you're doing in Hue.

  19. The train trip was interesting. Gotta do it once to check it off the bucket list, no? LOL! I loved seeing all the various sleeper buses people have taken and 2Passports 1Dream showed an amazing capsule one. Attila and Zae also had a nice one, NEXT Charl & Christine (LOVE this couple, they are living in Vietnam and teaching…check out their videos, I especially love the Ninh Binh ones, but they have a lot that I've yet to see since I just found them yesterday). The worst bust experience I've seen goes to Jordan and Emily.

  20. So happy , when i see you come to Hue , i’m from Hue , Viet Nam 🤣🤣 , but I dont know why i see you like Jason Statham actor 🤣

  21. Sleeper bus is good and fun and unique but for those that really like some sleep, then go with the train sleeper cabin. Good choice. I used to take off from work Friday afternoon, catch dinner, get on the overnight train to Nha Trang. Get to Nha Trang early morning and see my girlfriend for the weekend. Sunday evening I'd catch the overnight train back to HCMC early morning Mon and go to work. By foreigner's standard, the cost for a soft bed 4 bed cabin is cheap and comfortable.

  22. Most of us local now don't use train to travel across the country anymore and maybe u already understood why… Its sad that the system was so outdated. The price is also not much cheaper than airplane, so we mostly use plane now. Maybe its only strong point is that, ppl can enjoy the beautiful scenery along the journey.

  23. You kept your promise that said in Vinfast Elite tour. Thank you

  24. Thực sự phải nói với bạn thì du lịch bằng tàu hỏa ở việt nam chỉ thú vị với tuyến hà nội – sapa hoặc sài gòn – nha trang. Còn lại sẽ không thú vị đâu, bạn nên đi bằng máy bay . các chuyến xe oto giường nằm chất lượng cao sẽ là lựa chọn tốt nếu muốn đi chuyển chậm hơn. Sẽ tuyệt vời hơn nếu bạn mượn hoặc thuê vinfast chiếc ôtô xăng và lên đường xuyên việt. Sẽ rất tuyệt vời

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