VENICE FOOD TOUR: Cicchetti, Gelato, Venetian Street Food, Cappuccino & Florentine Steak

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VENICE FOOD TOUR: MUST TRY Restaurants, Best Cicchetti Bar, How to make reservations and understanding what “Al Tavolo” or “Coperto” is.

Jaycation returns to Venice, Italy to show his family the best Venetian Cuisine! In this video Jaycation provides tips on how to make reservations, how to avoid paying a cover charge or table service fee and what foods to EAT in Venice. We try Cicchetti, Ravioli, Gnocchi, Risotto, Street Food, Gelato, Cappuccino, Tiramisu, Aperol Spritz and MUCH MORE!

What food are you MOST EXCITED to EAT in Venice? Comment Below! Know of any other foods or places to visit while in Venice, Italy? Let us know about it!

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*Places Visited*
Birreria Zanon
Il Paradiso Perduto:
Amo Gourmet (Gelato):
Corner Pub Venezia:
Taverna Scalinetto:
Bar Ristorante Da Gino Venezia
Bigoi Past Food:

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  1. Near "Paradiso perduto" there are many good places, "Vino vero", "Ostinati", "Vedova", "Santo bevitore", "Poggi" you can eat well

  2. Love your video & Treviso also has great cicchetti bars for much less ❤🇮🇹

  3. Cool video, two things that we should've done but didn't get the chance to was the Gondola ride and watched how they made Crystal glass at Murano. Well just another reason to go back there..

  4. A very memorable Venice experience with family! I love everything about it especially cecchetti! Thank you Jaycation for the vlog! Loved it!

  5. Nice family! 😎 I'm glad you enjoyed Venice but you could have stopped at Caffè Florian in St. Mark's square. I also have an August 2019 Venice video including this spot if interested. It's expensive but worth it! Maybe next time! 👍😜

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