THE PERFECT ONE DAY SAIGON CITY TOUR (Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam Vlog 2019)

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Saigon is Vietnam’s biggest city. You CAN NOT MISS this if you travel Vietnam. It’s got great food, interesting buildings (a bright pink church?) and more motorcycles than there are people. Ho Chi Minh City is a great place to explore for a couple of days. Come and see the opera house, the city hall, a pink church and Kim getting lost (yes – again :D). It’s got a great street food scene and everything you could hope for. Oh and it is our final stop in Vietnam!

We hope you enjoyed this Vietnam travel vlog 2019 & the city tour of Saigon aka Ho Chi Minh City! We can’t wait to head to Thailand and show you around this incredible country over the next few weeks 🙂 NEXT UP: Flying to Chiang Mai and our first impressions of Thailand! Care to join us on another adventure? Then please make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss this the next part of our journey, coming up very, very soon!


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We’re Naick & Kim, a Belgian couple that quit our jobs to travel the world. We just completed our 12.000 km overland journey from Brussels to Beijing China and are now continuing our journey from China through Vietnam to Thailand!

Thanks a lot for watching this Vietnam vlog 2019, we really appreciate it & hope you enjoyed this Saigon Vietnam travel vlog! If you’ve enjoyed our video, please leave a like and share your thoughts or questions in the comments – we’d love to know what you think 🙂

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  1. Hands up if like me you also believe Naick sent me to the wrong church on purpose? 😂 thanks for watching our video – we appreciate that you are here! Next up: Thailand!! If you're ready to join us on this next adventure, make sure to hit subscribe so you don't miss out on those videos. See you in the next one?

  2. Hey Kim and Naick, Once you master crossing our Indian roads, you will be an expert at crossing any road worldwide, Vietnam pales in comparison.

  3. i know you're going to go on a break soon for the holidays but it would be great to see a sit down video (maybe one for each country?) of you discussing costs? the ones for mongolia and mexico (iirc) were very informative 🙂

  4. So you are already in Saigon? Really far from Belgium. Have you managed to visit War remnants museum eventually?
    I like Saigon very much, it's one of the most beautiful cities in South East Asia in my opinion. Looks like a european city right in the center of South East Asia. Enjoyed your video very much, thanks for sharing it.

  5. Best shots of HCM City! Thanks for sharing guys…. really sitting back and enjoying your videos.

  6. The soy sauce that goes with the bot chien near the end is mixed with vinegar, so it’s not really salty.

  7. next time take a uber together so there won't be a problem like this again. i'm sure uber is not that expensive in vietnam using uber….probably the same price for 2 grab? and you guys have backpack.

  8. Great set of suggestions for the tour! Do hope y'all enjoy Thailand, and curious where you're going to try to be for the Winter? Maybe Australia (assuming most of the fires are over) where it will be Summer time instead?

  9. i was there in august. be careful with the beggars. don't let them fool you like how they fooled me. they are professionals!!!

  10. Naick is the best boyfriend in the world and I'm going to treat him to an expensive dinner! (Also: I should not let Naick access my account!)

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