Secret Greek Taverna!! ATHENS CENTRAL MARKET Street Food Tour – Seafood + AMAZING Pork Chops!!

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Hello again from ATHENS, Greece! In this episode, we are taking you for a local street food tour around the Central Market (Varvakios Central Market) in downtown Athens. Surrounding this market is a tons of traditional restaurants and street foods!

We are taking you to a secret underground restaurant called Diporto, where there is no menu; the chef serves you whatever fresh ingredients he’s prepared for the day. We are also taking you for coffee at a local institution: Mokka. Here, they make strong Greek coffee in hot sand. Next we will take you into the heart of the Central Market to show you the local seafood catches, and we’ll show you a traditional Ouzeri. Ouzeris serve ouzo and mezedes (small plates) which can be sourced directly from the market. These are really cool joints where you can eat super local food and chat with locals. For dessert, we are taking you to Krinos, for loukoumades served with honey, cinnamon and vanilla ice cream. To finish off the street food tour, we will take you for a full meal at Telis Steakhouse. This shop serves charcoal grilled pork chops and a delicious SPICY and grilled salad. What an incredible day of eating!

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Restaurant Info:

1 – Diporto Restaurant
Theatrou 2, Athens 105 52

2 – Mokka Specialty Coffee
Athinas 44, Athens 105 51

3 – Varvakios Central Market

4 – Ouzeri Karayiannis
Athinas 42, Athens 999 20

5 – Krinos
Aiolou 87, Athens 105 51

6 – Telis Steakhouse
Evripídou 86 / Epikourou 20, Athens 105 53

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  1. As a Greek,i have grown up with this food and it is and will be my food source FOREVER

  2. Greece has the ultimate mediterranean diet try it and you will sence a food orgasm in your mouth !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Are you trying to copy Mark Wiens? You sound like him, talk like him and do videos like him. Just curious and I mean no offense by this question.

  4. I was shocked to see that they served you meat at the ouzeri at the fish market. Ouzo goes only with seafood not meat 🤔 I love trying different restaurants in Greece. Great food! 😋

  5. Watching your videos always put a smile on my face at the end of a long day!

  6. hope the guys knew that they would be in youtube, it does not feel their style to be filmed but maybe they enjoyed it:)

  7. Luke, please go for a check up. Your white nails are a danger sign. Cool videos, tho.

  8. Foreigners really can’t grasp how simple Greek food is, it seems really interesting to me that he is trying to figure out what the spices are, bro they aren’t any, it’s just olive oil, salt, pepper and oregano

  9. Ano Petralona has tons of hidden gems like Kappari…brilliant food and people!

  10. Luke, since you love ouzo, try syringe-injecting a whole watermelon with it from all sides and then carve it in slices. A friend of mine loves this.

  11. For the coffe, no one is drinking the muddy thing in the bottom, just leave it when you reach it, this is right in Turky and Greek

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